Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally – MicroInterview with Don Bolduc - Granite Grok

Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally – MicroInterview with Don Bolduc

Don Bolduc is running for the US Senate and graciously did not just one MicroInterviews with GraniteGrok, but two (discovered that the audio from #1 just didn’t make it due to the ambient noise just after the event ended (political people gotta talk and talk LOUDLY!). Even though he was pressed for time (with the lockdown mostly lifted, it is now “scoot and scoot quickly” to/from as many events as possible), he gave us more time (thanks!):

Don has no political experience (as we have noted here before) to recount here. He, however, rose from Private to General (ret.) in the over 33 years with much of that US Army career in Special Forces. Thus, he is one of a small group of men recognized as a “Mustang” moving from enlisted soldier to the officer corps without having gone through military college or West Point.

He is in a Primary against Corky Messmer on the Republican side. If he wins, he will be up against the Democrat incumbent (and former Governor and NH State Senator) Jeanne Shaheen (who I add, destroyed the private healthcare insurance marketplace with her SB711 and then went on to do the same thing at the national level as prime architect of Obamacare).