If Minneapolis Has Systemic Racism Why Isn't Over 40 Years of Democrat Rule to Blame? - Granite Grok

If Minneapolis Has Systemic Racism Why Isn’t Over 40 Years of Democrat Rule to Blame?

Riots in minneapolis

We’ve made the point more than once. Democrats have run the cities with the riots (where they are protesting systemic racism) for decades. George Korda, writing at that far-right bastion (cough-cough) USA Today, wonders why they are not taking their share of the blame?

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“Minneapolis, Minn. has been under Democratic control since 1978. Chicago has been under Democratic control for 89 years; its present mayor is a black woman. Philadelphia has had Democratic mayors for 68 years; three of its last five mayors have been black men. Six of the last seven Atlanta, Ga., mayoral administrations were led by black Democratic mayors, and the present mayor is a black woman.

“A city runs its police department and other services; therefore, if there is so much ‘systemic racism’ in these organizations, why hasn’t it been corrected over so many years under Democratic leaders?

“Why aren’t these cities garden spots of racial tolerance, understanding, and virtue?”

The same reason race relations got worse, and not better, under Barack Obama. You know the black president people voted for hoping to shake off the stigma of a race problem in America. He didn’t just do less than nothing for black Americans; he reversed years of progress.

Why? Power matters more than people, and divisions create crisis. And you know what Democrats say about a crisis? You never let it go to waste.

Racism is, was, and continues to be the clarion call of choice for dividing people, primarily Black Americans, from their share of the greatness of America. Democrat policies destroyed their families. Democrat-run public education set out to destroy their opportunities. Democrat cities trapped many in a cycle of dependency, surrounded by crime, unable to legally defend themselves.

Africans were enslaving their brothers and sisters long before they sold slaves to white men. They continue to enslave them long after the rest of the world had stopped. The modern Democrat party is little different. 

Every so-called problem that faces black families in America is a result of Democrats running Democrat cities, with a multi-generational lock on power.  In Chicago, they’ve had nearly 90-years to fix a system that produced some the highest murder rates per capita in the nation until Democrat-run Baltimore eclipsed them.

Ask the question.

If it’s worse than it ever was, how exactly is that the result of Republicans? It’s not. But the Democrats won’t accept blame. They can’t even apologize. It would mean losing the black vote and losing power. And no one seems willing or able to admit it or even talk about it.

Unfortunately, in too many cases when people say they want an open and honest discussion about race in America, what they mean is they want an open and honest discussion only about what they say is wrong with people who aren’t them.

When people talk about the need to deal with systemic racism, if they’re not willing to talk about the systems run — often for generations by the political party or politicians they support — they aren’t interested in an open and honest conversation; instead, they want only to use the issue as a club against people who aren’t them.

You know the saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? When it comes to Democrat urban politics, it’s the other way around. The Democrat Party Fix is to make sure it stays broken. And they don’t seem to care how many lives they break doing it.