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Gov. Sununu Needs to Veto Every Democrat Omnibus Bill that Reaches His Desk


New Hampshire’s Democrat majority has a mess on their hands. All these crazy left-wing bills and no time for hearings, debate, or the legal, legislative process Not that they care what you think. To resolve this logjam, they are pig-piling them into “omnibus bills,” passing them on party-line vote. Gov. Sununu, needs to say no.

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Every one of those omnibus bills should be vetoed, and the reasoning is simple.

The lockdown was unplanned, unfortunate, and to Mr. Sununu’s benefit, the left wanted it. But this is no excuse for bypassing the transparency of the lawful legislative process. The people were denied their rights for months in a bipartisan effort to flatten one curve, but he needs to draw the line on bum-rushed lawmaking that create acts of force without the input of the people.

Allowing pig-piled legislation to pass into law would set a dangerous precedent for future governor’s and legislature that might, we must accept, not be pleasing to any future Democrat minority. 

And let’s be honest. There is nothing on the table that is so necessary that it can’t wait until the next legislative session when we can include Granite Staters in the process.

If there is, pull that bill out and let it be heard on its own. Otherwise, sorry, no omnibus bill should pass with Chris Sununu’s signature, and no, the Democrats do not have the votes to override a veto.

But to ensure those vetoes happens, YOU need to share this post with anyone you know. We all need to reach out to the governor’s office and politely explain what I’ve just outlined. That New Hampshire will not stand for omnibus bills crammed through the legislature, and neither should Mr. Sununu.