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Never-Trumper’s Son is Encouraging Riots and Rioters

Z. Horn Violence is okay

The son of New Hampshire’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Poster Girl, Jennifer Horn, is publishing tips and encouragement for rioters in New Hampshire on his Facebook page.

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Zacchaeus Al Horn says, IF YOU ARE RIOTING, he has some tips and tricks for you.

Jen Horn's son supports riotiers (real) quetion mark

First, there are nowhere near enough cops, NUMBERS WIN WARS BE BRAVE. 

Well, that’s not a call to arms or motivation for disorder and chaos, except that it is. Violence against innocent? Destruction of private property? Theft?

And the violence is not specified by Horn but implied. These are, after all, to help rioters. 

Pro Tip from me to you – Three words; constitutional carry state. 

Horn says, hide your identity and pretends its about covid. How about social distancing? Limiting riot groups to ten or fewer people? 

Gear to deflect anti-riot ordinance (so you can continue to destroy things?).

Pro Tip from me to you – Three words; constitutional carry state. 

Handcuff keys, motorcycle helmets, first aid supplies, work gloves, and some stuff to relieve the discomfort of mace and tear gas.

He could start his own riot improvement show. Wait – he sort of just did!

He could call it, “Violence is perfectly okay.”

Except for that premeditated violence in the form of a riot, it is not okay.

Riot aid list from Z. Horn part 2The use of force in defense of life and property, is okay. But what Horn is advocating here is intentional (premeditated) violence. Street criminals and Antifa thugs will say thanks if they were not already keyed into this wisdom. Anyone else is just making themself a criminal.

There is nothing noble or empowering about destroying people’s livelihoods or destroying minority neighborhoods or any neighborhood or local businesses in the pursuit of whatever he is advocating. Overthrow the government?

It’s not justice – racial, social, or any other sort. Those are always the people who will be harmed first and more often. The peaceful protesters who had their voices hijacked by thugs.

Nails, bleach, sticking to groups (so, no social distancing), and yes! Remember who the enemy is!

Why else end this laundry list that ends with ‘HAPPY RIOTING’?

I’d be interested to know if ”republican” Jennifer Horn advocates this or encouraged it. I’d also like to hear from all her supporters and advocates. She wrecked the NHGOP and has since gone down a disturbing rabbit hole that has landed her with the Lincoln Project.

Are they part of this movement as well?

We’ll have to keep digging and see what we see.


Note: I have received tips and material over several days from several folks, but there is more, and Joe Kelley Levasseur has a lot of that consolidated on his Facebook page if you are interested.