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Another step toward making Indians invisible or irrelevant

weather vane that has been on top of Baker Library at Dartmouth College

OK, Native Americans. As I have said before, I don’t care what the Left’s politically correct / Cultural Marxism demands that I use for my speech – ain’t happening.

Sidenote: even though I do take the high road in which words I use – as opposed to @GracieGato on Twitter who is seemingly trying to outdo NH State Rep Sherry Frost. Gato says it’s because she thinks her potty mouth “disturbs the GOP” – methinks it’s more that she just doesn’t have any self-control – the degrading of American civility and discussion).

So anyway, the weather vane that has been on top of Baker Library at Dartmouth College in NH’s town of Hanover since 1928 (see above) and now the “activists” want it torn down (and the head honcho, President Philip Hanlon has caved) because RAAACISM! Reformatted, emphasis mine:

Dartmouth College said Monday it will replace a decades-old copper weather vane affixed to the library tower, citing its offensive depiction of Native Americans. The announcement follows a petition that had collected 625 names…

That’s only about 10% of the entire student population.

…calling for the removal of the weather vane. The weather vane depicts the college founder, Eleazar Wheelock, on a tree stump speaking to a Native American man sitting on the ground, wearing head feathers and clutching a long pipe. A spruce tree and barrel of rum are behind Wheelock.

“It is clear that the images portrayed on the weather vane do not reflect Dartmouth’s values,” President Philip Hanlon said in a statement published Monday by Dartmouth News. The weather vane has been on the tower since its construction in 1928. A design contest resulted in the 600-pound, 7-foot weather vane, which stands 200 feet above campus on the Baker Library tower.

Really, President Hanlon? It seems that Dartmouth had a design competition, selected a winner, and commissioned that weather vane’s construction and paid again to hoist it up for all to see. It certainly was reflective of “Dartmouth’s values” then. The “value” I see is that you caved to a mob. That’s a teachable moment – for you: spinelessness doesn’t pay. This will come back to bite you in the butt at some time; if not on this, you’ve just given up the “inch”. Progressive mobs, especially of “young skulls full of mush”, never stop demanding.

Or haven’t you been watching other victims from other campus stupid people full of themselves? I’ll laugh aloud when you’ve run afoul of the Twitterati and Facebook students who haven’t a clue. But he is just the sideshow.

What I’ve been watching is effort after effort, under the rubric of “saving” that turns out to be “erasure” of Indians in the public square. The latest was the Indian lady that graced the Land O’Lakes butter box – gone in a Photoshop moment (a lot faster than when Soviet Premier Stalin erased “non-persons” that were in photos with him). Other activists have tried for years to get rid of the “Redskins” and the “tomahawk chop”. All over the country, we’ve see high schools and colleges, browbeaten by those that see things in terms of race, replace their longstanding logos.

So, I’ll ask the question – when the last vestige of the last Native Indian visage is rent from the Public Square, who will continue to care? If there is no “iconography” around left to remind people of a Proud People?

Is that what they want – to erase an entire culture and People out of our history? Just like the rest of our history that are being destroyed in a fit of pique of Know-Nothing? What’s the equivalent of Luddite when it comes to history anyways?

(H/T: Union Leader)