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2020 NH House Campaign – Ariel Oxaal (Accidentally?) Affirms a Stereotype

Ariel Oxall headshot

Yup, a new contender for the NH House in November. She hails from Strafford District 13 which is Dover’s 3rd ward. Now, I really don’t know that much about her other than she has registered to run for the NH House as a Democrat with the NH Secretary of State:

SOS - Ariel Oxaal signup Strafford-15 - Dover Ward 3

And here is a better picture of her than the headshot from her Facebook page:



She’s the one on the Left, naturally (heh!).  The purpose of this post is not, however, to point out yet another (in this case, young) Democrat female but that her Facebook post is yet another example of the stereotype of what the Right thinks about the Left.

This is especially true here in NH where almost all of the Democrat bills seem to be designed to take the power of our lives AWAY from us and give it to Government (e.g., “Government over People!”).

It also is about making sure that we all know that the 2012 Democrat rallying cry of “Government is the one thing we all belong to” is alive and healthy in the minds that the rest of us are just cogs in their “scientific” social machine. In which, they lust after ALL the levers of Power that “social machine” gives them. That phrase is anathema to our Founding vision of a separation of State, Civil Society, and Individuals in which there were supposed to be severe demarcations from the three.

Democrats want us to accept ONLY their visions that morphs that there is NO difference between Government and Individuals – hence, making sure that we are the Government, and Government is us, Government can do just about anything to us (because we are doing it to ourselves). A most dangerous proposition which results in:

Ariel Oxaal FB home page

Now, it is clear that there are a lot of Democrat women that think that GraniteGrok hates women.  That’s hardly true as they casually dismiss all of the women that happened to have written for the ‘Grok in one fashion (as regular or irregular Groksters) or Op-ed authors. So, so much for the misogynist factor. Well, then it must be that you hate Democrat women!

Well, not really. Hate is too strong of a term; I might reserve “strongly dislike” for only a very small number that have actively tried to remove our liberties from us (like NH State Rep Katherine Rogers – one of the “NH State Rep Assault Twins”) who is constantly trying to infringe on our Article 2-A/Second Amendment Rights to keep and bear arms. I also would add NH State Rep Jan Schmidt who is constantly trying to infringe on our Right to Free Speech (she who had Josh Moore’s “Patriot Initiative” web site taken down simply because she disagreed with his political and moral stances on traditional marriage and THEN contacted our hosting company and tried to do the same thing to us – and added in HB1159 to legislatively provide an avenue to accomplish the same thing).

It isn’t that they are female  – it IS that they are Democrats that believe they have the right to control others instead of just representing. But I do NOT digress here on a post for Ariel Oxaal.

I call your attention to Ariel Oxaal’s image from Facebook – the words “I CONTROL YOU.”  How perfectly ironic that someone that is running as a Democrat, either purposefully or by accident, completely validates the stereotype that Democrats have put upon themselves.

While they are all for lifting up “marginalized or oppressed” people, they never think about the second or third order magnitude reactions to their actions in doing so. The adage of “to manipulate freedom for some necessitates the reduction of freedom for others” almost always holds true for Progressives. It is something that they NEVER, EVER talk about or admit. They may brush it aside as being of “little matter”, but taking ownership of it is never present. Unless it is “We WILL take your MONEY away” (as taxation is theft for anything beyond the limited Government vision of our Founders) or “We WILL take away your guns” and in the process, bit by bit, obviate the Law and Philosophy of our Constitutions.

No, “I CONTROL YOU” sends a very strong message to everyone from Ariel Oxaal and most of her fellow Progressive travelers. Take heed – she is being VERY clear in what her political outlook would be in the NH House.

Forewarned is forearmed.