Watts and Bloomberg Must Be Losing Their Minds: Over 7 Million Guns Sold so far in 2020 - Granite Grok

Watts and Bloomberg Must Be Losing Their Minds: Over 7 Million Guns Sold so far in 2020


Democrats wanted more background checks. Well, they got them in March. A record of 3,740,688 were processed. Then came April. It did not beat March, but it keeps things moving with a 71% surge over guns purchased in April 2019 (and) 2.9 million background checks.

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What’s that mean for guns bought? “So far this year, SAAF said, there have been 7,012,322 gun sales.” The anti-gun left would be losing their minds if they weren’t busy…buying firearms.

As we reported a few weeks ago, leftists in California were pissed they have to wait for the guns the bought, even after passing a background check. All the paperwork, regulations, you know, that they made possible by electing gun-grabbing Democrats. Fun times. 

Nobody needs a gun until everybody needs one. And nothing sells firearms better than Barack Obama except a media hyped-up pandemic lockdown apocalypse and tyrannical Democrat (or Democrat-like) governors.

People without a gun want one – people who have them want more of them. And that’s great except for one thing. I’d like all you first-time gun owners to make friends with some folks who can teach you the safe care, feeding, and handling of your firearm. 

We’re happy to see you embracing your right to self-defense, but that’s what it is – not a right to accidentally shoot yourself or someone else.

Get to a range – if you can find one that’s open and practice. Ask for help. Take a basic pistol class as soon as you can. 

And then cut all that anti-gun crap.

| Washington Examiner