Planned Parenthood Execs Knew About Baby Body Part Selling Schemes - Granite Grok

Planned Parenthood Execs Knew About Baby Body Part Selling Schemes


We’ll dig into this more soon, but it seemed important enough just to get it out there. Do you recall the uproar over Planned Parenthood selling baby parts?  Major players and “Corporate” denied knowledge. They lied.

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And we’re not surprised.

Newly unsealed court documents show that top executives at Planned Parenthood were familiar with its organ-harvesting operations and privately discussed lucrative deals even as the abortion giant publicly denied profiting from the sale of body parts obtained from aborted babies. …

In one deposition, an administrator at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast admitted to writing an email saying she would “move forward with” a sale of fetal organs. The unsealed documents also show an email exchange providing a price for fetal livers. The chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte confirmed the collaboration with a biospecimen lab that purchased fetal parts from Planned Parenthood. A third Planned Parenthood administrator, the senior director of medical services, said under oath she was aware that a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood was receiving payments for fetal tissue.

Planned Parenthood lied to congress. The current Democrat majority Congress won’t care. They get millions every election cycle from Planned Parenthood.  But Trump’s DOJ might.

| Washington Free Beacon