John Brennan Spiked Details in Report That Suggest Putin Wanted Hillary to Win in 2016 - Granite Grok

John Brennan Spiked Details in Report That Suggest Putin Wanted Hillary to Win in 2016


Russia tries to interfere with every election. But in 2016, the Democrats made sure that meddling had legs. They took disinformation provided to Christopher Steele (they paid for) and used it to unseat a President. But the CIA and FBI had evidence of Putin’s favorite as far back as Jan 2017. And it wasn’t Trump.

The CIA Inspector General has taken more than a year to clear the release of a House Intelligence Committee report which contradicts the key conclusion of the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to the former chief of staff of the National Security Council. …

The report states that Brennan overruled agency analysts who wanted to include strong intelligence in the assessment to show that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election, Fleitz says, citing conversations with House Intelligence Committee staffers. Brennan had also rejected analysts who wanted to strike weak intelligence from the report which suggested that Russia favored Trump, Fleitz said.

“So Brennan actually slanted this analysis, choosing anti-Trump intelligence and excluding anti-Clinton intelligence,” Fleitz told The Epoch Times.

Given that the CIA, FBI, and the IG’s offices have been stuffed with Obama cronies, most of them carried over into the Trump administration (because you can’t replace everyone overnight), the game has continued to play out. 

Democrats and the media, colluding with swamp rats, have been milking the narratives for over three years. But cracks have been appearing in the armor.

The failure of Democrats and the intelligence community to take Trump out has proved damning. Each new leak or report suggests the entire thing was a setup but that everyone in the Obama White House knew including Obama because he authorized it.

From the Mike Flynn smear to the FISA disinformation, to Spygate itself, a conspiracy existed to undermine the Trump presidency. 

No one expects a herd of high profile indictments, but John Brennan has long been thought to be one of a handful, if any, who might see a conviction. And while a few of those would be sweet, the sauce for the goose will be the rank and file Democrats who are so invested in the lies they’ve been fed. They will continue to deny any allegation. Details that I believe will continue to roll out through the summer,  all the way to November. 

Let us not forget that the moment Donald Trump got elected, his clearance made him privy to anything and everything available. It is not unlikely that he spent a reasonable amount of time doing some late-night reading and had formulated a picture of this plot from early in his tenure.

I know, Democrats say he’s stupid, but they say every Republican president is and, oh, they are also Hitler. The idea that it is true has probably given him a considerable edge.

And looking back, Trump has won every round so far. I know, the odds seem like he’ll have to lose at some point, let’s just hope its not his re-election to the office of the president. Because if he wins, he has four more years to expose this, and everything else is going on that they wanted so desperately to hide.

If he loses, they will bury it all and then get right back to their dirty business.

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