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Data Point – COVID-19 Fatalities in NH by Age


WHY IS IT that when I listen to any of the other NH Media, the top category is 60+?  Why doesn’t, for instance, WMUR, split out 60s from 70s, from 80s, or older, in every night’s evening news? Micheal Graham shows a more complete picture; this is as of 4/27/2020:

Death by Age Kung Flu

(H/T: Inside Sources)

The updated report from NH DHHS, deaths aggregated on 5/4/2020, only makes it worse between the younger versus the elderly:

  • Under 30:     1 (only 1)
  • 30 – 59:          4
  • 60 – 69:          8
  • 70 – 79:         17
  • 80+:              56

Graham has done us ALL a service. Constantly hearing the 60+, 60+, 60+, 60+ message over and over and over makes for a very distorted view of how things are going here in NH (and in general, all over. We KNOW that 78% (or so) of the Kung Flu deaths have been in nursing home. That alone is troubling both in the deadly problem they have in those facilities but that the rest of us are literally being held hostage (not over money but for our Liberties). The distorted view by NH Media that anyone 60 or older is in big trouble just isn’t true. In fact, it is lying to us all.

Given the reported numbers (and let’s forget the over / under counting of COVID-19 deaths and why), the 60-69 cohort aren’t all that of a risky bunch (using old fashioned arithmetic and not Common Core math tells me that while 8>4, it isn’t that many more in a population of 1.3 M) compared to the next youngest set.

It is when you start bundling, for news reporting purposes, that can be scaring the bejesus out of 60 year olds unnecessarily. Going from 8 and grouped to be 81 is intellectually and journalistically dishonest. Why is, for instance, WMUR making it seem that those in their 60s are almost 10 times at risk than what they really are? Or any other leading NH Media? Yes, I feel I’ve been played because, hey, that’s what we were being told. And I AM that old.

So, why are you doing this, NH media?

Sidenote: And while I’m using WMUR as an example on that, has anyone else asked themselves WHY they have been reporting the Massachusetts numbers almost all the time? Now combine that with the fact that Gov. Sununu has moved the goalposts from “we don’t know what’s going on” to “flatten the curve to not overload our hospital system” (in which it became clear that we wouldn’t and didn’t) to turning MA into the Golden Covid Horde if NH is opened up.

Is it me or did WMUR and Sununu start emphasizing MA at about the same time? Is WMUR flying cover for Sununu?  I dunno, but certainly the absolute “breathlessness” technique they use on-air is getting rather stale.

But it does seem they enjoy doing it in that manner – “if it bleeds, let it lead” and they do so almost every broadcast. No doubt, it IS a big story – it does need to report it and we’ve been doing our fair share of pounding as well – but not the deaths. How often has WMUR taken the opposite side of the “Health vs Liberties” argument like we have?

Sorry, while every death is a tragedy, this few number of very old people should NOT be the reason, contra Governor Sununu causing us to lose Liberty should rate a bit higher on every one’s radar.