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Dan Bongino – Obama Did It

Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch

If you follow Dan Bongino’s podcast, you already know this. If not, you should, and here’s why. He’s plugged in. He’s working on his third book relating to this whole scandal. And now he’s pushing Obama’s buttons on the Flynn smear.

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The timelines, the FBI’s own notes, and testimony, as well as recently released material, show an obvious path to Barack Obama. All roads to the various scandals surrounding the illegitimate takedown attempts of Mike Flynn begin and end with Lightbringer.

Obama Did It

There are only three ways that the government could obtain the transcript of Mike Flynn’s call and know it was Flynn. They requested a FISA to deliberately surveil Flynn but no FISA exists. They received a surveillance order on a criminal warrant, of which there is none. The President ordered AG Loretta Lynch to make it happen.

There was no FISA and no criminal warrant for a wiretap.

Now, the Russian Ambassador (Sergey Kislyak) can be surveilled at any time or all the time without a warrant. He is not a US citizen and has no constitutional protections. He knows this. But if Flynn, who does have constitutional protections, were swept up incidentally during surveillance of the Russain Ambassador, his identity would be masked. Anyone seeking to identify the US citizen would need to request unmasking of their identity. 

There is no unmasking order or request. So, how did Flynn’s name, tied to the call with the Russian Ambassador (a perfectly legal call especially given that Flynn is the incoming Director of National Intelligence), get revealed and then leaked to the press? The why is relevant but we know why. To create a scandal to ruin Flynn and as a predicate for requesting a Special Counsel (Mueller).

The Flynn “unmasking” is the focus of a recent Epoch Times piece that Bongino references in support of his stockpile of other evidence.

Richard Grenell, the acting director of national intelligence, released on May 13 a list of officials who made unmasking requests between Nov. 8, 2016, and Jan. 31, 2017, that may have revealed Flynn’s identity.

There were 49 such requests, but none of them occurred between Dec. 29, 2016, and Jan. 4, 2017.

Those dates cover the time between Flynn’s call and the no infamous Jan 5th meeting in which Obama asks (apparently unprompted) about the Flynn call and an investigation the FBI had run on the General since mid-August and was supposed to close the day before from lack of evidence. Why did they keep the investigation open? The call with Sergey Kislyak. The one for which there is no warrant or request for unmasking.

As McCabe described the origin of the transcripts, “They came up—we found them through an effort—without getting into too long of an explanation—in an effort to respond to a tasking from [redacted] and so the results of what we found were communicated to the Agency, who I think had the pen on that response.”

We know now that the FBI lied, altered transcripts, and tried to frame Gen. Flynn after the case was left open based on a tasking from [Redacted] that produced the transcripts of Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador.

Remember. There was no FISA, no criminal warrant, and no unmasking request. The only way for the identity of a US citizen to be revealed in such circumstances, if I understand Bongino’s explanation, is if President Barack Obama ordered it.

There’s nothing illegal or incriminating in the call. The FBI admitted Flynn never lied in their interview but later charged him with lying and threatened criminal proceedings against his son to get him to cop a plea. 

And all roads lead back to Barack Obama.