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China’s Response to Lawsuits: Our Retaliation Could Impact November Elections

Screw You

China is pissed. State-run media is reporting that efforts to make it easier to sue China over the Coronavirus outbreak can and will have consequences, especially for US lawmakers promoting these efforts.

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For some US states, China’s sanctions might have a direct impact on the upcoming elections in November if local Republicans have been targeted by the Chinese government for their groundless accusation against Beijing and endless attacks that put China-US relations in a danger, analysts said.

For instance, China is the third-largest export destination for Missouri, after the UK and Canada, for goods and services in 2019 worth $1.1 billion and $775 million, respectively. Some of the top goods exported to China included oilseeds and grains, meat products, and medicine.

That’s directly from the mouth of the beast. “The Global Times operates under the domain of the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, The People’s Daily.” They don’t print anything that is not at the behest of the CCP propaganda ministers.

Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley, who have been at the front of investigations into uncovering China’s lies and collusion with the World Health Organization, are named targets. China is saying that it will use trade with their respective states to changes hearts and minds that could cost them their Senate seats.

I’m not sure China has thought that through. The anti-China sentiment is at an all-time high. There is a growing sense that we need to move both production and reliance on Chinese labor and commodities back to the US or into more favorable nations. No more offshoring, to borrow from a narrative of the Left.

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And what about the Left?

They love China, but foreign meddling in our elections is a narrative drum they have beaten to death the last three years. It’s not that they care about foreign influence. Russian meddling has gone on since forever, though it used to be called Soviet meddling. As long as it helps Democrats win, they’ll embrace it, hide, it, or distract us from it.

They have no interest in investigating foreign bundlers who fund their campaigns unless it can be tied to a political opponent. And nothing would make them happier than to take two Senate seats ‘cuz China.

And there’s the rub. A state party voice has declared that China plans to meddle in American elections. Who, on the Left, will be the first to speak out against this interference with any degree of seriousness?

We’ll listen to those crickets while we wait.

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