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Breaking: Justice Dept Drops Flynn Case – (Who Should Flynn Sue?)

Gen. Michael Flynn

The Mike Flynn case has been falling apart since Sydney Powell took over his defense. Watching the government’s case collapsed under an actual legal defense has been more than amusing. It has exposed a deliberate effort by Obama’s FBI to take out Mike Flynn.

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Faced with an endless stream of embarrassments, the US Dept-o-Justice has dropped the case.

The move, first reported by The Associated Press, comes less than an hour after the top prosecutor on the case, Brandon Van Grack, submitted his withdrawal from the case. The decision said that the White House interview Flynn gave to the FBI on January 24, 2017, which ultimately led to his guilty plea, was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

To summarize, they had no case. They lied. They framed him. They cornered him and pried a plea deal out of him, and then he got a good lawyer. And Wil Gen. Flynn’s exoneration is a huge win, the dirt that has called upon the FBI and the Spygate players has been sauce for the goose.

The way they handled Flynn plays directly into the entire investigation into Trump and a good deal more. All of which has but one purpose – yo protect the Obama White House. 

I feel quite sure of that. And I look forward to seeing what comes next. Like Flynn going back to work for Trump. Mike Flynn no longer being under any gag-orders. More unredacted documents exposing the partisan politics within the FBI, CIA, and National Security infrastructure. Seeing who his lawyer thinks he should sue.

The possibilities keep growing.