Voter Fraud Alert – NH Secretary of State Claims He Has Power to Allow No-Excuse Absentee Voting (aka Ballot-Harvesting) - Granite Grok

Voter Fraud Alert – NH Secretary of State Claims He Has Power to Allow No-Excuse Absentee Voting (aka Ballot-Harvesting)


From the accompanying WMUR article:

Answering questions and criticisms being raised on social media, Gardner told WMUR no one will be forced to risk their health by showing up personally to vote at a polling place.

Three times in an interview Gardner made his position clear:

“There will be no voter in New Hampshire who – if we’re in the position we’re in right now, exactly the way we are now – if that’s how we are in September or in November, no one will be denied the vote and no one will have to risk their health and safety by going to vote.”

“And we don’t need any legislation to do that.”

A portion of the state’s current absentee ballot law stating that people can vote by absentee “by reason of physical disability.”

Gardner suggested that the provision would allow for absentee voting by people who would not, under normal circumstances, be eligible for absentee voting.

“If doctors at the federal level say don’t go out because it’s a risk to your health and you should protect your health and safety — and going out would be harmful – that would be the basis for it,” Gardner said.

Sounds like Gardner is trying to head off legislation that would make ballot-harvesting (see this post) … oh, I’m sorry: “no-excuse absentee voting” the law of the land:

Gardner expressed frustration with what he called a coordinated effort to loosen the state’s voting requirements. 

“It’s obviously an orchestrated campaign to accomplish something certain individuals have wanted to do for a long time. And they’re trying to take advantage of an emergency situation, when all they had to do is call and ask that question,” Gardner said.

Won’t work. If the Democrats get to ballot-harvest in 2020, they’ll undoubtedly maintain … or perhaps even expand … their legislative majorities … which will allow them to redistrict … that is, gerrymander … the State (sorry, but I don’t expect Sununu to play hardball on this) and we’ll have permanent Democrat rule for at least until the next census … which means they’ll just make ballot-harvesting the law-of-the-land once they get a veto-proof majority or a Democrat Governor.

Speaking of “the position we’re in right now,” perhaps someone could explain why going into the grocery store regularly does not risk your health or safety … but going into a polling place will immediately cause you to get coronavirus and die …