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The Partisan Political Game

2020 is an election year

New Hampshire only has partisan Democrat Representatives and Senators in Congress. They are lockstep with Pelosi and Schumer respectively. More than 95% of the time they vote hard-left ideology.  They support socialism. It is true of Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster, and Pappas.

Think that is an unfair assessment?

Who we elected and why

America elected disrupter, energizer, and businessman Donald Trump president in 2016.  You don’t have to like it. None of us do. It is what happened. The people of this nation were tired of the Obama-Biden economic malaise. We were fed up with the oppressive big government. We felt threatened by the rising and obvious level of corruption.

Businesses small and large were eager for a lifting of the regulatory and tax burdens. After the election markets responded. There were great gains, amid high trading volume. Optimism about America’s best days being yet to come grew. There were positive results for the American standard of living. This is seen, in Democrat circles, as a bad thing. It threatens to highlight their failing policies.

The nation rallied as her enemies wept in the streets, the media and academia. But it was an opportunity for Americans to rally together. There was new leadership, a non-ideological president. He was eager to make deals with our allies and to better deals with our adversaries.

There was a different feeling on Main Street. More people were working and wages were rising. That was seen as a problem in Democrat political circles. Good results affect elections. Who is playing who with the partisan political game?

Perceived vulnerabilities and avenues of attack

The man, the president, did not understand the depth of the dishonesty. He could not grasp the utter malevolence of the politicians. Yes, politicians in both parties he would be forced to work with. What American reasonably opposes policies putting the American people first… in America? He put America first and those who voted for him do too. It has become apparent. The opposition would sooner destroy America than see Trump appear effective and positive.

Jealous and out of power, Congressional Democrats retreated. Gone was a sincere debate about policy. They slipped into an insurgency, churning out disinformation and hate. Their aim was to delegitimize the Presidency of the United States. They did not want a good-faith debate. They abandoned due process and truth itself. What they wanted was a reversal of the election results.

There was an attempt to block Electoral College votes on the floor of Congress. This was an act without precedence of obstruction. The opposition resorts to name-calling. Trump was called a “Russian agent”. There were accusations asserting “irrefutable evidence” of criminal obstruction.

A committee chairman performed a fake transcript rendition of a presidential conversation. This was a campaign of sedition. It is all part of Democrats’ failed attempts to impeach. The failure came because the articles were innuendo, speculation, and lies. Who is playing who with the partisan political game?

Fear of economic reality

When the economy turned positive, wages began to rise, and people went back to work. Optimism spread on Main Street. America had an opportunity to come together. It was a chance to rally the nation. We could have come together around raising the standard of living to unite the nation. Unfortunately, Democrats are having no part of it.  They are the party of crisis, fear, war, racism, sexism, death and rash action. They and everything they worked for was slipping away.

Instead, Democrats chose corrupt investigations, division, and phony outrage. Now, during a time of global pandemic, they’re doing it all over again. The coronavirus requires collaboration, unity, and a common purpose. Trump Derangement Syndrome has critically afflicted far too many politicians. As voters, we have a choice to make at the polls.

Are you with me in wishing we could force politicians to shut down their partisan gamesmanship? There is an election coming. On one side we have the status quo. That would be a vote for Pappas, Shaheen, and Kuster. They are socialists, hard left.

Their records show they vote for the DNC, not New Hampshire. They have done so time and time again. They see COVID-19 as an opportunity to restructure things to their socialist vision.  All one has to do is to look at the content of the bills they forced and you will know their intent.

What the Democrats oppose and what did they support?

The Administration and Republicans negotiated for payments to workers. They worked to get relief for businesses, and additional medical resources.

What did Pappas, Shaheen, and Kuster do? Let me tell you what they did. They loaded relief legislation with leftist pork. They added $350 million for migrant and refugee assistance. Tell me if you can what that has to do with coronavirus, please tell me. Pappas, Shaheen, and Kuster supported over $1 billion for global aid. We have far too much debt to be tossing billions at global aid not related to coronavirus.

The coronavirus relief legislation is purpose-driven. Maybe they are just confused about what the purpose is. What is it we pay them to do for New Hampshire? And this helped New Hampshire how? It is related to coronavirus how?

Pappas, Shaheen, and Kuster also worked to send money to the Kennedy Center. It seems it needs a facelift. People are dying in New Hampshire. While that is happening these Bozos used their best judgment. They thought it more important to send money to an entertainment organization. Worse yet, one which laid off the musicians performing there. Because they want to get a facelift for a building. A building for entertainment. A building in the District of Columbia? This benefits New Hampshire how?

It is bad to vote for pork… it is worse to not even benefit your home state

And there was even more pork. It was a disgusting political play. Democrats won’t be done until you and I send them home. It is time for us to show our motivation. Vote early, vote often. Vote to protect your own pocketbook. Work for candidates who will look out for your interests, for your freedom, and for New Hampshire. Who is playing who with the partisan political game?