NH COVID-19 Data - "Community-based transmission continues to increase in the State...". Er, not so much - Granite Grok

NH COVID-19 Data – “Community-based transmission continues to increase in the State…”. Er, not so much

Another view of NH DHHS COVID-19 data FI

Got an email to go look at a FB page (emphasis mine): Created by Rep. William Marsh, MD – “Every one of the recent DHHS daily updates says “Community-based transmission continues to increase in the State…” Well, I was not convinced their data supported that statement.

So I graphed their data. Here we have the usual graph of total cases in upper left. Upper right I made a graph of the total cases they said had no travel or known exposure risk factors. Lower left is a graph of new cases. Lower right is a graph of new cases with no travel or known exposure risk factors.

I would contend that their data shows that community transmission in NH peaked over a week ago. I apologize in advance for the amateur appearance of my graphs. Feel free to share.”

Another view of NH DHHS COVID-19 data

So, what does DHHS have to say about this?  And if it is true (and I have no doubt that it isn’t), it’s yet another marker that in wide swaths of NH, the worst is probably over. Just in time to start staring right into the maw of a man-made economic epidemic.

So what is Governor Sununu going to do – and when will he pull the trigger?

Both are important questions and with elections just seven months away he’d best be setting up his public campaign battlefield tactics now or the Dems are going to do to him what they first did to both Steve Negron and Chris Sununu’s brother.

Sidenote: in the former case only because of the yuge money inequality between the Kuster and Negron campaigns – she was able to paint herself as everyone’s Grammy instead of the progressive hack she really is. Which begs the question – as a Progressive, she’s always yammering, in one way or another, about “inequality”. Let’s see how solid that “Principle” is:

Hey, Annie Kuster – willing to share some of that booty in your campaign chest with Steve in order to erase your great wealth inequality with him? After all, sharing is caring, right”

His brother, on the other hand, simply pulled a Jeb Bradley and didn’t take Shaheen seriously and let her define herself as well because he didn’t get off his duff to start campaigning.

It’s a two-edged sword – either he “kills more people” by not keeping us all locked up with his stay at home orders (which the Democrats wouldn’t mind doing forever). Or so it seems from their words, “two more months, three more months, not until there are no more deaths!!!” While the Democrats with bylines in the media flogging that AND splitting his supporters who are already fuming with “enough is enough.  Let’s start showing you who the real boss of me/us” (e.g., the “consent of the governed” is running rather thin from our inbound comments and they will not forget).

Or risks economic disaster by keeping us locked up via “that’s non-essential!!!” – and the Dems again split his supporters by forcing them into bankruptcy because there is no way that the NH welfare state can keep things going with this self-induced Cloward-Pivening of itself. And again the Dems will make hay of it.

But I’m going too long on a side tangent.

Data-Kudos to the good Doctor for giving an alternate view of the same data by simply asking the data a different kind of question – we all should be.

After all, those folks making the decisions report to us – and the better informed we are, the easier it will be to either keep our representative or toss them aside for someone new.