If This doesn't put a "churning motion" into your GI track.... - Granite Grok

If This doesn’t put a “churning motion” into your GI track….

Infantilized Adult

I have had this video for a long time and just never had the right time or need to post it until now.

Donna Brazille speaking of Trump (2:47): “You look for the President to be that Parental figure…He was not the Parent we needed. He was not the person that could heal us, that could talk about the pain.”


Yeah, we are all just infantilized little children that can’t figure out how to do things without the guiding hand of Government. Hey, Daddy! Make it all better!

Sorry, I don’t need a Parental figure and I won’t vote for someone to be my Shrink-in-Chief either.  Hugs? I’ll get from TMEW and the Grandson – certainly not Hillary or Creepy Hands Joe.

So why did I remember this now?  Because a couple of similar emotional weakling posts popped up.

The above was echoed in a couple of posts from other places – and you can see how “adoring” and “in a swoon” some on the Left can be for Democrat leaders.

This from TreeHugger was all about “Sidewalk etiquette in the time of COVID-19.” While it was mostly about “Social Distance” or Social Spacing,” it had this in it (bolded to make sure you don’t miss them):

 In the first week of our essentials-only “pause” (that’s what our Dad-in-Chief – Governor Andrew Cuomo – is calling New York City’s lockdown) I tried doing a solitary, physically-distanced exercise walk-run over the Williamsburg Bridge. (Dad Cuomo says we can go for runs and walks if we maintain our six feet.) Well forget that; couples were walking hand-in-hand, people and their leashed dogs were creating perfect trip wires, walkers were not passing correctly, to name just a few of the bad manners making the requisite six feet of distance impossible.

And then followed up with her own self-proclaimed behavior MANDATORY tips you need to follow when out in public. UGG!!!

Well, that attribution certainly put a churning motion into my GI tract. A politician is a politician and unless they HAPPEN to actually be your Dad, this is an association that goes WAY too far.

While I did get one DISQUS like, it seems like everyone else took it as normal; I’m not surprised. For decades, Democrats have been trying to push the collective to the point of “we all in this together – we’re all just one family”.

Nonsense. My actual family is here with me now but MY Father passed away a long time ago. Sorry, but I don’t do “hero worship” for any politician at ALL. There are some that I have liked and a fewer still that I believe do a superior job in an office that only requires 1 additional vote than the other guy. That doesn’t make you a Dad, a Father, some long lost cousin, or some long-dead ancestor. Sorry – no familial connection at all. DAD?  Is she out of her freaking mind?

Nope. Not when compared to this snippet (H/T: Stupid Girl via Instapundit):

“Like a velveteen gravity blanket for my soul, the second I see this man’s perfectly weathered face and tousled curls, the moment his Pacino-like accent fills my living room with its mafia-like authority, my blood pressure drops, my breasts seem to perk up on their own, and a tingly feeling of optimism washes over my imprisoned body as I think to myself… I think we’re gonna be okay….”

Or this gem:

As I sit alone in my apartment on the couch one of my roommates left behind, wondering when I can escape, if I’m already sick, if anyone will ever hug me again, if my 74-year-old father will survive this, only one thing is certain. Andrew Cuomo, Dear Leader, will take care of me. He loves me. He is the only one who is here for me. He will help me get through this.

These women need their heads examined. Mostly because reports are is that he actually treats people badly. Head examining time.

And after her piece came out, Cuomo called her! (As [Jezebel writer Rebecca] Fishbein wrote in a follow-up: “I did not ask a single substantive policy question. I did not ask about the hand sanitizer. I did not ask him to go on a FaceTime date with me. Somewhere in there, I thanked him for his leadership. I may have blacked out.”)

You know what? Even though I’m married and have three children and a fabulous husband I adore, I felt a pang of jealousy. He was MY competent governor/imaginary boyfriend

I’m not coming up with any words to end this post with. But if these examples are ANY examples of how Democrat Leaders are looked at by the general Democrat public females, oy vay!