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End Times? Two-Faced Goat Born in Wisconsin

Two-headed goat

 A two-faced goat was born on a farm in Wisconsin two weeks ago. The rare but not unheard-of creature is named Janus. “Hillary Clinton” was already taken.

ICYMI:  Emergency order will change state motto

Nueske said Janus appears to be healthy, despite his side-by-side twin mouths and four eyes.

“They weren’t sure if the middle eyes worked. But they were positive about the outside eyes working,” Neuske told WLUK-TV of the veterinarians who examined Janus.

“He’s a normal goat. We just have to help him. We try to help him as much as we can, and give him a break when he gets tired,” she said.

UPI.com has a short video of the little critter if you are interested. It’s not icky though it is just a bit odd.  The goat doesn’t know any different. 

And I’m glad they never considered naming it Hillary Clinton (I made that part up). But if they had they could say the Hillary-part was after New Zealander Edmund Hillary. The person Ms. Clinton has claimed was the inspiration for her first name even though she was born six years before anyone even knew who he was.

Clinton is a two-faced liar by profession. The goat has two-faces by chance.

You are better off trusting the goat, and not the Clinton.