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Why Are So Many Extremists Supporting Kathleen Martins?

If you really want to know how a candidate is likely to vote if elected, look at the people who are supporting the candidate. And in the case of Kathleen Martins, this test indicates that the hard-Left will have a reliable vote.

For example, there is someone or someone(s) calling himself/herself or themselves “Black Dog” … a “Resister” … who is/are asking his/their “fellow Resisters” to spread the outright LIE that Elliot Axelman has spent “$millions” to be elected to the New Hampshire House:

“Black Dog” refers to the President as an “Orange Shit Gibbon,” and I’m sure has the same opinion of anyone who voted for him:

Then there is Mindi Messmer, a former State Rep and current candidate for the Executive Council:

Messmer is a climate-change-hysteric who believes that free-market capitalism is the cause of climate-change and that only a move to international-Socialism can save the planet:

And in the meantime, Messmer wants to eliminate private health insurance:

Not too hard to imagine how Kathleen Martins will vote on issues such as forcing working families to pay higher electricity bills to subsidize Solar or on increasing the cost of health insurance by adding/expanding health insurance mandates.

And there’s “NHProgressives”:

Who believes “Squad” leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “knows what’s she’s doing” and that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should be incarcerated:

And there’s “NHMatters”:

For whom Joe Biden is too moderate:

And that President Trump is Hitler:

And there is Crystal Paradis, a Somersworth City Councilor and the founder of Feminist Oasis:

Feminist Oasis promotes “intersectional feminism,” which is the claim that we are merely by-products of our race, gender, sexuality, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera and that the absence of the right type of intersections causes people to be oppressors and discriminatory:

Paradis also believes that gun-ownership by law-abiding Americans somehow is the cause of “gun violence” and that, therefore, privately owned guns should be destroyed:

Not too hard to imagine how Kathleen Martins will vote on bills affecting your Second Amendment rights, is it?

And there’s “NHPOLITICS”:

Who think we would be better off if President Trump had NOT taken out the World’s #1 terrorist:

To cut to the chase, would any of these people be supporting Kathleen Martins if she were really the “moderate” she would like the voters to believe she is? Of course NOT.