Wait for It: Coronavirus State Testing Issue Caused by Obama Era Overregulation - Granite Grok

Wait for It: Coronavirus State Testing Issue Caused by Obama Era Overregulation


The desire of politicians to appear both interested and genuine exceeds that of children with their faces pressed against a candy store window. So, when Democrat’s complained about virus testing delays at the state level, they pointed fingers at President Trump when we should have known it was all Obama.

Central planners plan. Obama and company did a lot of that. They had more Czars than Barnum had clowns. And regulators want to regulate. So, the FDA, for some reason or another, instituted a limitation on state-level testing. 

The Obama Administration Rule “demanded that state-run laboratories could only use medical tests approved by the FDA.”

“The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we’re doing, and we undid that decision a few days ago so that the testing can take place at a much more accurate and rapid fashion,” Trump stated. “That was a decision we disagreed with. I don’t think we would have made it, but for some reason it was made. But we’ve undone that decision.”

That’s President Trump, clearing the air for the media and other left-wing clingers hoping to milk this new narrative for political points.

Commissioner Stephen Hahn first addressed the testing problem on Saturday by issuing new guidance that would allow the state labs to conduct not-yet-approved coronavirus testing on patients in response to the public health emergency. In return for skirting the Obama-era regulation, laboratories must apply for an F.D.A. review of the new test, document the test’s accuracy and notify the F.D.A. of the test’s validity prior to F.D.A. completing the approval process.

 In other words (I’ve been saying that a lot this week) the Trump admin is saying we trust state-level “experts” to do what’s best for their states. Get to work, but let’s verify the test as soon as possible to complete the approval process.

Take notes for when your liberal ‘friends’ parrot the Trump delay narrative. It was an Obama rule that Trump had to undo.

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