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Tom Ploszaj: Live, Work, Enjoy … Keeping the Lakes Region one of the New Hampshire’s Best

Tom Ploszaj 2020

I have announced my candidacy for State Representative Belknap District 1 for the residents of New Hampton and Center Harbor.

Hearing that Rep. Harry Viens ( R ) may not seek re-election, I was concerned for our future representation and a change of politics. Not wanting to primary Harry‘s solid record of caring for the residents and working for the betterment of the district and the NH Liberty Alliance’s solid B rating on his pro-liberty votes, I met with Harry and asked his view of the needs of the district and state and of his plans for the 2020 election. Harry and I discussed some of the concerns and he confirmed that he will not be seeking re-election in the 2020 election.

In doing my due diligence with residents, officials, and legislators, present and former, I discovered that no candidate that had come forth to represent all the residents, to uphold the NH Constitution and to represent the NH Republican platform. I, with my family’s and friends’ support, notified the NH State Republican Party that I would be asking the Center Harbor and New Hampton residents to support me as their Republican candidate to represent their House seat.

I believe many residents may not know that plans are now being made by outside groups to revamp New Hampshire to be part of socialistic America and that their negative and fear campaign propaganda will be ready when these groups decide whom to run in June. People can recognize this if they question where the General Court’s bills originate from. Many of these Democrat filed bills are coincidentally the same as those being pushed through many other state legislatures in a national power play. How many NH residents will ask:

Why does NH, which does not have the same problems as other states, needs all the same laws as Washington, Maryland, New Mexico, California or Virginia?

Our State is ranked as one of the best in the nation to live in. Knowing this, NH families are busy going about their lives working, caring for loved ones and enjoying what our state offers. They may not realize that those campaign promises and “feel good ” bills” are actually infringements on freedoms and expanding government control over their families along with increased spending and taxes.

I will be conducting a clean and positive campaign and asking people what can make lives better, where state resources should be allocated and will address their concerns.  I’ll go over what I believe is the state’s existing issues in terms of infringements on liberties or expansion of government powers to which I would be unable to support. I have no agenda but that to interact with the constituents to hear and address their concerns in the attempt make NH an even better place to live, to uphold the NH Constitution, attempt to adhere to the NH Republican platform and be readily available for them.

I would like to point out that this is the time people should consider getting together with friends and family and decide where they can help candidates. I’m will to go out and also share my views and encourage others in New Hampton and Center Harbor to reach out and join my team. It is never too early to get ready in case of a June primary and planning for the general election in September. I am eager to meet with you and others who wish to help keep the Lakes Region as one of the best places to live.

I can not overemphasize that I’ ll be accessible to the voters and determined to keep New Hampton and Center Harbor from being taken over by outside groups’ agendas.  Though I am a member of the NH Republican Party, my primary responsibility would be to the betterment of Belknap County District 1 constituents. Thank you and with that give your loved ones a hug and I will be talking with you soon.

Tom Ploszaj