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Surely Not Everybody was Fighting Kung Flu?

Kung Fu Fighting

Plenty to talk about under the heel of the coronasaurus. But the press and Democrats are mostly concerned about a) spreading communist Chinese propaganda b) Social justice Wordjitsu.

There is an obsessive desire inside the beltway to get everyone’s opinion (as fast as lightning) on this. Their thoughts about the mysterious unnamed White House staffer who called the Chinese Coronavirus Kung Flu.

“…one reporter claims that she overheard an unnamed, ungendered White House staffer refer to the virus that’s caused a pandemic as the “Kung Flu.” While normal people could think that’s a funny or slightly funny pun, in a world where it’s not permissible to say that this strain of the coronavirus originated in China it’s practically a capital offense.

The reporter will not name who allegedly used that “slur,” but that isn’t stopping the press from demanding answers from both POTUS and Kellyanne Conway about whether it was appropriate and demanding that they “condemn” the use of that term. Ad nauseam.”

We know a few things right from go. 

  • It never happened.
  • An equally unnamed whistleblower will “file a complaint” about having overheard someone talk about overhearing someone else who eavesdropped on a conversation between a reporter and her spirit animal that they had to shelter in place after Kung Flu was dictated onto the stall wall on a West Wing Bathroom, and someone read it out loud.
  • It is an impeachable offense

And the coronavirus Dempanic is the latest we have you now anti-Trumper moment and media is stupid and desperate to make this one stick.

And because you know you have to hear it now,…

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