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Shaheen’s 1.25 Billion in Coronavirus Money for NH Comes Up Short Compared to Vermont

Jeanne Shaheen

Another trashbin bailout bill is making its way through congress. Democrats made fools of themselves blocking an earlier version to stuff it with unrelated left-wing garbage. But now that this sh*t show is on the road to the House Sen. Shaheen is claiming victory. Not so fast.


First (when you are done here), make sure you read Ed Mosca’s piece on Shaheen’s spin machine and reality. It’s a must-see because no other outlet in New Hampshire is holding her to account for the before and after filibuster dance moves. Only GraniteGrok, and entirely thanks to Ed.

He’s exposed her nonsense in-depth, but I’d like to take another step to the right. “Other People’s Green” Shaheen is bragging about scoring $1.25 Billion for the Granite State. There are, to borrow from the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin, “a few, uh, provisos. Ah, a couple of quid pro quo.” But based solely on that raw number, 1.25 Billion amounts to less than 1000.00 per resident. (961.54, to be more precise.)

A step to our Left, in Vermont, the land of Bernie Sanders also gets 1.25 billion dollars. But that’s $2,000.00 per resident. Commie Sanders and his sidekick Leahy got the same money for a state with half the population.

Wait it gets worse. Vermont’s GDP is 34 million while New Hampshire’s is over 86 Million. We have more than twice the economic output (and are risking twice the loss).

What an embarrassment.

If you want to brag about how well you managed to drive up the national debt and prolong our precarious debt service problem Sen. Shaheen the least you could do is make it worth our while.

You’re not even any good for that.

Note: The House has just passed the legislation on a voice vote.