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Radical Leftist Professors Worry Online Learning Lectures Will End up On Right-Wing Web Sites

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I’d like to thank Emily Farris. Who’s that? She is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Texas Christian University. She is concerned that recoded lectures on anything controversial could end up on web sites like GraniteGrok. Capital Idea!

Emily Farris tweeted Thursday, “if you are recording a lecture on anything controversial, be prepared for right wing sites to ask students to share it.”

She’s actually more concerned about it landing on Campus Reform, and she should, but GraniteGrok.com has a much better Alexa ranking than Campus Reform. In other words, we get more traffic, more page views, more eyeballs. Bet you didn’t know that! 

So we’re all learning new tricks, like asking College Republicans, Libertarians, anyone who has professors selling the destruction of Western Free-Market Capitalism as “learning” (or any of the Social Justice Disciplines that likewise undermine it), send us your crazy lectures.

…political science graduate student Stephanie Shady also weighed in, saying, “Annnnd I just realized that the second half of my course focuses on public opinion towards and politicization of immigration

…”Prof CWO” replied, “Sigh, I teach about white nationalism and this has been my biggest fear since we began transitioning to online instruction.”

“My advice to colleagues: don’t post anything online (private) that you don’t want to end up public. More thorny discussions can still take place over Zoom, where students have to request permission to record.”

Some profs are planning to use YouTube and make the lessons private and only accessible with permission.  Three Words for my stringers; “YouTube Downloader.” Is YouTube two words?

I think it will work. If not use a free screen capture tool.

Liberate those lectures of particular interest to American Taxpayers because America deserves to know, especially from schools that take and spend public money. Dollars spent to destroy America from within. That’s news, people.

Papers, notes, any demonstration that higher Ed is dooming the culture and the nation to third world socialist-poverty and oppression. 

You know where to find us. Quarantined, Sheltered in Place, locked-down or free to roam, we’re here, every day. And the left is out there, plotting toe downfall of the Constitutional Republic one increasingly squishy mind at a time.

Note: That applies to high school lectures or material as well.

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