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National Democrat Fundraiser Tries to Smear First Responder Running in a Local NH Election

Elliot Axelman Hookset Special election

With Coronavirus taking hold in the Granite State local first responders and health care providers are increasingly at risk. One of those first responders is running for the NH House and a national campaign funding machine is trying to smear him.

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The Democrat Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is a national level fundraising group that coordinates millions in out of state dollars to meddle in your local elections. They’ve targeted Elliot Axelman from Hooksett. Elliot is a paramedic. An EMT who has dedicated his life to helping people, often at some of the worst moments in their lives.

He’d like to extend that commitment as a representative to the New Hampshire House. One of 400 reps who get 100.00 a year to serve.

It’s not some big statewide election.

So why is a multi-million dollar a year national Democrat campaign machine throwing money at this tiny little New Hampshire statehouse race and attacking one of our dedicated first responders?

Politics before people. In a recent last-minute desperation play, the DLCC sent an email into the district and around New Hampshire.

“After the deadly Charlottesville white supremacist riots in 2017, Axelman actually agreed with Donald Trump that “there were some good people on both sides,…”

It must be nice to live in a world where you can cast identity politics condemnations on entire populations of folks without knowing any of them. I guess that describes Axelman’s opponent, Democrat Kathleen Martins. I’m not sure how else we’re supposed to take this. Democrats have worked every possible angle of that debunked smear for years. Maybe their base believes it?

Do we need to comb the internet to find evidence that Democrat Kathleen Martins denounced ANTIFA thugs in Charlottesville (Portland, everywhere, actually) because if she didn’t that would mean she condones their violence and intimidation to suppress political speech? Isn’t that how we play this game?

There were good people there. There are good people everywhere. Axelman would know that. Democrats are clearly blind to that. Politics and power matter more.

Elliot is an EMT in a local community. His job is aiding, healing, and trying to save human life, every life, any life, based solely on their need, in some of the worst possible emergency situations. He isn’t judging them based on the circumstances, their party preference, any identity politics demographic, or based on some shoddy national Democrat political machine lies.

He doesn’t invent injuries and then jump in and claim he can help them. He focuses his energy on those with actual needs. Is that a character trait we could use in the State government? Or do we want to support blanket condemnations of everyone based solely on their party affiliation? On some manufactured identity politics label.

Government has a role in our lives but Elliot sees it as a limited role. He’s not looking to take away local control or cram unfunded state mandates on local communities. He won’t invent rights to be outraged about, he’ll protect the ones you were born with. He’s not going to create or exacerbate every incident into a crisis as an excuse to expand the regulatory state or raise taxes.

He won’t make you pay for other people’s elective surgeries or ask you to provide welfare to able-bodied adults. And you can use whatever sort of shopping bags you like with fees or regulatory interventions.

In other words, he’ll let you spend your wages in ways that improve your lives and address your priorities. Not his or anyone else’s.

There’s nothing crazy or extreme about any of that. But the Democrats must be desperate. Maybe they are concerned their candidate is just not very good. Another left-wing rubber stamp running in a Republican-leaning district.

Bad candidates have been a huge problem for democrats up and down the ticket of late.

Elliot is a great candidate. He is a First Responder. One of the guys and gals who are the tip of the spear for real emergencies. Actual crisis. When intelligent, meaningful decisions have short and long term consequences. That’s his every-day.

He’s the Republican running for the State House in Hookset’s special election on Tuesday, March 10th. He’s there for you. 

Republicans and Independents need to get out on Tuesday and be there for him. He’ll serve Hooksett and not the rubber-stamp agenda of some National Democrat fundraising machine.

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