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Decoding Kathleen Martins Coded Campaign Rhetoric

So check this out:

When a “progressive” runs in a Center-Right town like Hooksett, the challenge is to reassure other “progressives” that you are indeed one of them, while misleading the majority of voters that you aren’t. So you speak in code.

“Strong Public Schools” – when a Democrat in New Hampshire tells you that she supports strong public schools, but provides no details about how she would strengthen public schools … rest assured that she means more spending, which means higher and/or new State taxes.

“Access to Comprehensive Affordable Healthcare” – in “progressive-speak” the term “access” means makes someone else pay for and the term “healthcare” means abortion. In other words, this is code for making New Hampshire taxpayers subsidize abortions.

“Safe, Well-Paying Jobs” – code for massively increasing the minimum wage … even though experience has shown that the massive minimum wage increases the New Hampshire Democrats are proposing forces employers to cut jobs and/or hours.

“The Right for Labor to Organize” – labor already has the right to organize. This is code for she opposes Right-to-Work laws.

“The Rights to All for Equal and Fair Treatment” – This is code for her position on transgender athletes competing in girls’ school sports. More specifically, she supports allowing biological males to compete against girls in school sports.

If you have been on twitter, you know that Martins’ supporters reads like a who’s-who-list of progressives. For example:

And one more thing. In order to avoid discussing any issues in depth, Martins has outsourced her campaign to the State Democrat Party, which is running one of the dirtiest, most despicable campaigns in New Hampshire history against her opponent, Elliot Axelman.