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Elliot Axelman Wins Hooksett Republican Primary

elliot axelman

Elliott Axelman won the three-man primary in Hooksett yesterday, defeating John Leavitt and David Ross with 61% of those votes.

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A paramedic, Axelman, who is currently serving on the Hooksett Budget Committee, is committed to small government and maximizing liberty. 

Regarding public policy, it is my belief that the smaller the government, the better. You own yourself and politicians should not control your life. The free market is the best regulator and burdensome government regulations only hurt entrepreneurs and consumers.

He will face Democrat Kathleen Martins in a March 10th special election. Martins is a 26-year Hooksett resident, former social service worker, and current educator who ran in 2018 and lost. In a 2018 LTE to the Concord Monitor she outlined her priorities.

I am running to protect our economic rights, our rights and dignity as individuals, our health and our environment. In Concord, I will vote against diverting our tax dollars to private schools, continually shifting costs from the state level to the town and city level, and lessening the rights of working people. I will support bills that are economically and socially just.


Abortion (from conception to live birth?), Government school monopolies, and State control before local control (central planner). She’s an SJW who will probably wield ridiculous contradictory concepts like equality and diversity (a diametrically opposed impossibility), mandate the value of an hour of labor, vote to ban useful everyday items and raise your taxes from Concord.

In other words, she appears to be another cut and paste New Hampshire Democrat socialist.

Note: An earlier version of this story included vote results from the Union Leader. These were incorrect and have been removed. The Percentage win for Axelman has also been updated.