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Mass Transit – Is Forcing you Into Public Petri-Dishes Another Democrat Idea the Pandemic Should ‘Kill’

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Democrats are obsessed with wasting money on public transportation. Commuter rail is the most recent (new/old) cure for what they claim ails you. No, not saving the planet. The freedom and individual empowerment of being able to control your own life and path on your schedule.

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Having the freedom to come and go as you please, on your schedule, choosing your starts, stops, journey, and destination does not foster a desire for dependency. Big Brother Democrat Socialist Government must have dependents.  If you accept this fact the entire Democrat party agenda makes perfect sense. Everything is about forcing you toward a state of dependency. Including transportation dependency.

Even when it makes no sense.

Commuter rail is an expensive and grossly impractical waste of money for most of America. We’re a mostly rural nation. But Democrats are obsessed with it. But what now when the typical bus or train looks like a cross-contaminating packed metal Petri-dish?

Last month, the Brussels-based International Association of Public Transport, in its “Management of COVID-19 Guidelines For Public Transit Operators,” conceded that “Public transport systems have to be considered a high-risk environment due to: high number of people in a confined space with limited ventilation; no access control to identify potentially sick persons; a variety of common surfaces to touch (ticket machines, handrails, door knobs, etc.).”

This consideration is not limited to so-called earth-wide pandemics. The average flu season culls more meaningful lives from among our fellow citizens than COVID-19 will.

If packing people into highrisk environments is irresponsible from a public health perspective in the Month of COVID March 2020 then it is also the case every other month in every other year. 

Perhaps, much like the left’s short-sighted and ill-conceived plastics bans I mentioned yesterday, commuter rail needs to be put out to pasture as well?

For the children!

A 2014 “Guide for Public Transportation Pandemic Planning and Response” from the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Transportation Research Board admitted that “For transportation organizations with even robust emergency management programs in place, addressing the needs of a pandemic will require a shift in thinking” because “Many of the key disease containment strategies (e.g., isolation, quarantine, social distancing, closing places of assembly, and/or furloughing non essential workers) create challenges for transportation agencies whose workforce may work in close proximity to one another (e.g., cubicles) and interact directly with the public.”

The left has promised us that the world is in a state of environmental decline. If their prognostication had any real weight within their own echo chambers and human life was an actual concern as opposed to a marketing tactic, reducing harm, death (and strain on public resources) demands that we not embrace any expansions to public transportation.


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