Joe Biden's First Coronavirus 'Shadow Briefing' Goes About as Well as You'd Expect... - Granite Grok

Joe Biden’s First Coronavirus ‘Shadow Briefing’ Goes About as Well as You’d Expect…

Joe Biden wants to lose in November. We know this because he keeps getting in front of the public and speaking. Live performances are the fastest ticket to Loser-Ville come election time, no matter who props him up as VP. So, no – his first Coronavirus briefing did not go well.

The first thing he did was not do anything. He sent an Obama era political operative and lawyer to warm up the live-stream “crowd.” As Obama’s Ebola czar Ron Klain was no more qualified on the matter than anyone that the Left has criticized for similar reasons. But he was clearly more qualified than Joe Biden.

Not a high bar, I admit. A sandwich with a text scroll would have done less damage to the campaign than Joe, who did make an appearance at HIS Coronavirus briefing. No, it didn’t go well, and yes, it went badly.

He looked horrible, old and confused. It started badly, with him touching his face, one of the critical guidelines not to do with the current pandemic. …He also got the name of the Massachusetts governor wrong.

As watch Joe being Joe (below), ask yourself what the faces of his staffers and campaign leadership look like while this is going down? How about the rest of the party leadership? In the end, it was between this guy or Bernie Sanders. That’s who your base chose. And Joe Biden appears to be the one. The Democrat’s answer to Donald Trump.

A clueless old codger and career politician who is still saying the current President needs to do things he has already done.

You’d have better luck with the sandwich, even after the Pandemic Dempanic destroys the economy.

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