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Hooksett Special Election — Kathleen Martins Sells Out to the Party Bosses

This from the New Hampshire Democrat-Youth a few days ago:

The linked letter argues … based on lies … that Elliot Axelman is an “extremist outsider.” More specifically, it falsely claims that Axelman wants to abolish the First Amendment and wants to make ownership of firearms mandatory.

The linked letter is … in other words … quintessential Ray Buckley, Boss of the Democrat Party. Demonize your opponent – “extremist,” “outsider”. Make wild and reckless charges, the wilder and more reckless the better. In other words, throw as much mud as possible … some of it is bound to stick.

The truth of the matter is that the Ray-Buckley-Democrats who employ these tactics are the real extremists. The author of the letter is a “Virginia Kozlowski.” I believe she also goes by Ginger:

Uh huh, the person calling Axelman an “extremist” wants to abolish all private health insurance.

The primary purpose of the Democrat Party’s tweet is not to reach the voters. It is to get the “activists” motivated to knock on doors and make phone calls for Martins:

Martins has NOT disavowed the letter, as far as I can tell. She’s apparently chosen to take the support of her Party’s bosses over waging a decent and honest campaign.

Of course, there is a price for that support. She’ll be expected to vote the “Party line” every vote that she takes in the House.

Perhaps that is not much of a price for her as she probably agrees with the Democrat party agenda down the line … why would Ginger Kozlowski be supporting Martins if Martins did not agree with Kozlowski’s extreme positions like abolishing private health insurance in favor of Medicare-for-All.

But is does mean that Martins would be representing the Democrat Party’s bosses, not the people of Hooksett.