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Danger Will Robinson: New TCI Talking Point Begins With “Once in a Generation Opportunity…”

TCI Gas Tax

The latest media broadside on the terrible awful massive gas tax hike calling itself a “Climate Initiative” is labeling it a “once in a generation opportunity.” To what, kill jobs, and screw the heck out of low-income people and participating state economies? No, silly.

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Crony Capitalist Wonder-Twin powers,  Activate!

“In letters sent to the participating leaders, more than 100  signatories —including Akamai, DSM, Eversource Energy, Novartis and State Street — called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to modernize and decarbonize our region’s transportation system” and emphasized how TCI will help to achieve several of their shared goals…”

The goals don’t actually matter. The only takeaway you need is this. Stakeholders are advocating for a massive redistribution in money from your pocket to their industries or industries in which they have a financial interest.

Think of it as the energy/transportation equivalent of a permanent taxpayer-backed Bank Bailout. 

‘Decarbonization’ is a “drug mule” to backstop projects with taxpayer money guaranteed by TCI Bureaucrats who will continue to screw you in perpetuity.

The governors and legislatures are just go-betweens. If they deal you in, they get a finder’s fee (at your expense) to waste on dirty, unreliable green projects and a few bucks for some local asphalt or maybe a bit of weather stripping which they will waste then come calling for more. I the name of “lowering emissions” to ‘save the planet’ the unelected bureaucrats will be happy to hike your gas taxes a little higher.

It’s a scam.

Don’t let your elected officials join this ridiculous charade that TCI admits will make almost no measurable difference in the climate. And that means it is not a climate initiative it’s just a massive gas tax.