Matt Mayberry: "Our immigration system is broken, plain and simple." - Granite Grok

Matt Mayberry: “Our immigration system is broken, plain and simple.”

Matt Mayberry / WMUR

Our immigration system is broken, plain and simple. I know this is something that everyone, regardless of political party or ideology, can agree on. Every year, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants unlawfully cross over our southern border.

There are, however, those who chose to try to immigrate the right way, through the legal application process, and wait their turn, often for years. We need to fix this problem.

For conservatives such as myself, the answer is simple: cut off the flow of illegal immigrants by completing President Trump’s border wall. I would even suggest the idea of digging the walls deeper to prevent tunnels from being created and using sensors and drone technology to patrol the open desert spaces that span hundreds of miles. We also need to revamp our current system to efficiently process legal immigration applications, including H-1B and H-2B visas for our agricultural and tech industries. We must expedite the judicial process for expelling those here illegally.

Socialist-leaning liberals favor a combination of outright amnesty and expanded asylum programs. I strongly disagree with them. Rewarding illegal activity is wrong and only encourages more illegal activity. These same liberals also support sanctuary cities, which I believe is not only wrong, untenable and flies in the face of everything we value as a nation of laws.

Sanctuary cities, the brainchild of elitist liberals in large coastal cities such as San Francisco and New York, have become far too prevalent in our nation over the past few years. These cities have chosen to allow all illegal immigrants, regardless of prior criminal history, to live free from the reach of Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and even local law enforcement. Fourteen states, including Vermont, even provide drivers’ licenses based solely on the idea of “well, they are already driving.” NO. They are here illegally and should be punished.

The results for cities and states that have permitted this status have predictably been a disaster, with these experimental sanctuary cities experiencing rising crime, rampant drug use and a general disregard for the rule of law. Look at San Francisco, where drug use and homelessness have become huge problems despite the area being one of the wealthiest in our country.

Beyond the increased crime and flow of drugs from Central and South America, sanctuary cities have created an even more dangerous and fundamental challenge to the very existence of our system of government. The United States is a nation of laws. We do not simply pick and choose which laws we want to enforce. Sanctuary cities are not providing sanctuary, they are providing a get-out-of-jail-free card for people who knowingly break federal law.

Today there are more than 560 self-declared sanctuary cities in our country including Boston and Lawrence Massachusetts, and the numbers are increasing each year. Sanctuary cities should be dealt with quickly and decisively before they become too commonplace to eradicate.

My proposed solution: If a municipality chooses to become a sanctuary city, we should immediately cut off all federal funding to that city. It should be that simple. If you chose to ignore federal law, you should not receive one penny from the federal government.

I strongly believe in states’ rights, and I believe in a less centralized government because the best decisions are made at a local level. However, immigration must be kept solely as a federal issue. Because of our constitutionally protected right to move freely between states, we cannot have individual states and municipalities creating their own immigration policy. That is essentially what the proliferation of sanctuary cities has done. It is an unworkable system and we must unite as a country to put a halt to this unlawful and dangerous behavior.

by Matt Mayberry.

Matt Mayberry is a decorated Air Force Veteran, former NHGOP Vice Chairman, 2016 Trump Delegate to the RNC Convention, he is a Republican Candidate for Congress in the First District of NH.