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Windham – didn’t care about the drugs and now doesn’t care about a child


Ah yes, Windham. Back again. Last time it was about the drug trade operating in the Windham school system and that it seemed that the upper echelon of the Windham Police Department either didn’t care, wanted to sweep it under the proverbial rug, or just plain was incompetent.

Or some combination of the three.

And now, we have Step 2 of what can only be another example of Windham’s “didn’t care” to that bonfire – or what may be a case of pure hatred of a child. Or, using a child to “get back” at his parents.  Or both.

Back in December, Grokster Ken wrote a post on how a 6-year-old Down’s Syndrome boy became a political football when his Dad asked for and received a street sign for drivers to be careful about his son just running out into the street. Unfortunately, a self-absorbed, self-righteous, and self-indulgent ninnie decided that “HIS” street shouldn’t be despoiled by a sign meant to protect a child:

The sign was unanimously approved and placed at the beginning of their block, providing ample warning for drivers to slow down. The parents and their neighbors were happy with the location – all but one. Normally one objection after the fact would be summarily dismissed. Especially when the safety of a child is considered – as is the case here.

But if you have access to a selectman who is also a family friend… strings can be pulled to get the sign removed within days, without warning, without Selectmen approval, and literally in the dark of night — which happened.

The parents tried to work within the system in bringing it back to the Selectboard and have the child safety sign restored.  Well, as often happens in small towns with individuals that believe they are Big Fish in a small pond and that their wants and desires come before others’ needs (and, BTW, The Law), problems arose in getting back into place.  Thus, Cayden’s parents reluctantly filed a lawsuit against that self-important incompetent and uncaring Al Letizio, Sr….

Sidenote: We have written about Al Letizio JR, his son in the past when he decided to take on our Kimberly Morin.  The groveling started after I really lit into him and Dennis Senibaldi and they used surrogates to ask me to please stop.  This is about his Dad- a Windham resident whose actions (getting the child warning sign down) are showing he really doesn’t like disabled kids, especially if they live in his neighborhood.

…and the Town of Windham to get the sign back up.  They requested what they believe to be a simple and reasonable accommodation for a “Caution Special Needs Resident” warning/safety sign to be installed at the beginning of their neighborhood’s road. The Selectmen agreed to their request, but it took months to go through a lengthy process before the sign was installed at the desired location.

Shortly thereafter, the sign was illegally covered with a black trash bag. Then within days, the sign was removed by Dennis Senibaldi, based only upon a verbal complaint from an Influential resident using his connections with a Selectman. Concurrently, “No Trespassing” signs were installed on Letizio Sr.’s property where the special needs sign was removed.

There was no documentation, no due process, no notification to the parents, and NO EXPLANATION as to why the sign was removed.

But questions remain: (1) What was wrong with the location of the sign?; (2) Why was the sign removed without Selectmen approval?; (3) Why was the sign removed when no formal complaint was filed stating justifiable reasons for the request?; and (4) Why was due process to remove the sign not followed before it was removed?

This appears to be a blatant misuse of government power. Really, a case of Crony Government – the politically connected utilizing the dark corners that exist in almost every instance of Government from local hamlets to the Feds – the “Good ‘Ole Boys” or “Quality of Life” networks. Cayden’s parents tried to do all the right things at all the right times and all the right reasons; They hired legal counsel and a New Hampshire professional licensed traffic engineer to present their justifications regarding why the sign should be reinstalled in its original location. They paid to fight the Town, and the parents realized what many do – their own tax monies are being “used against them” in trying to get the Town to do the right thing. And in this case, what the Town ALREADY had done.

That is until it became clear that they had exhausted all efforts to have the sign reinstalled in its original location.  In the right of way in front of the Letizio’s property. Yep, the reason why Al Letizio, Sr.’s name is in this post.  Here we have, IMHO, an irritable old man that seemingly has decided that NOT having a sign on his property is worth more than a little boy’s life.

Well, with the action heating up in town, Al Letizio, Sr. has lawyered up, and along with the Windham Selectmen, resisted all reasoning from the parents – who now feel the only remaining course of action is to reluctantly file a lawsuit to safeguard their child & to ensure the ADA laws are properly followed.

It’s obvious that the parents are outraged – here’s the full page ad they took out in their local paper:

Newspaper ad - suit against Al Letizio Sr

And the lawsuit itself: 2020.01.24 lefevre ltr to sheriff re service of summons and complaint