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The Lawless Congressional Leadership

Branco - Tearing American Greatness

We’ve all seen the viral video of the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi seemingly tearing up her slide deck in a fit of pique. Representative Paul Gosar calling for bringing her up on ethics charges had a lot more going for his take on events than most of us because Speaker Pelosi destroyed an official document on national television.

Where tearing up the slide deck would have been immensely disrespectful of the President and of the heroes called out in the SOTU especially the Tuskegee Airmen or ‘Red Tails” who never lost a plane when they escorted missions over hostile territory. As a pilot myself I find it impossible to find accolades that fit those brave African Americans who showed the Nazis and everyone else what made an AIRMAN! Those brave men had what Tom Wolfe would later call ‘The Right Stuff’.

Turns out the copy of the SOTU which the Speaker of The House shredded was the ACTUAL engraved report of the SOTU intended for the Library of Congress/National Archives as the official report from President Trump. The President’s report is traditionally given to the speaker as the representative of all US citizens as its temporary custodian until it can be transferred to the archives.

President Carter’s final SOTU report which ran to almost 34,000 words was the last in which the SOTU was delivered in written form only to the Speaker. The legal authority for the SOTU is Article II, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution for the President to periodically “give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

I found the cheering Democrats when Speaker Pelosi destroyed the official SOTU frankly chilling. Why is it OK to destroy official documents without consequence to score political points where if one of us ‘normal people’ did it on ANY official document we’d be prosecuted in a New York minute.

In my wasted youth, I was a Jaycee and the Jaycee creed had a line about things like this. “A Government of LAWS rather than a Government of Men.” Unfortunately, we are rushing headlong to ‘A Government of Men’.

In the past this was one of the key factors in the American experiment everyone was equal under the law President or Pauper made no difference in the application of laws. Today there is a bigger and bigger gulf between politicians and citizens where Citizens are punished harshly for minor infractions yet the ‘ruling classes’ are given a pass on illegal actions. Think of this when you vote.

To put this in a more modern context G. H.W. Bush ACTIVELY prosecuted the initiators of the 80’s financial crisis, Yet under G.W. Bush and Barack Obama – NO ONE was punished for their actions.

Cartoon by AF Branco

Weegee By “Weegee” An engineer and avid photographer who admires New York’s iconic crime photographer, Weegee, the author is an NH native, a conservative who believes that small government is the best government and the goverment’s proper role is that of referee rather than of playmaker as it is far too often today. And he believes in ‘bright line’ business regulations which are clear and unambiguous and not subject to ‘what’s the definition of is.’