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Red Flagging College Students – Repealing Firearm Liability Laws – GUN FREE ZONE and MORE

Gun Control in NH

From the Women’s Defense League:

Legislative Alerts

We previously sent out an alert in regards to 2 gun control hearings coming up in February. A new calendar came out and there are now FOUR hearings next week. If you can’t make the hearings, PLEASE CALL and/or EMAIL the committees to let them know you are AGAINST their gun control measures that only HARM law-abiding citizens and do nothing to stop criminals.

There’s a lot to unpack here but we’ve split the bills up by committees and dates. They are pushing MORE gun control than they did last year, which no one ever though possible given every bill was vetoed and NH is one of the SAFEST states in the country.

Gun controllers don’t care about safety, it’s all about CONTROL over law-abiding citizens!

Show up at the hearings. You do not have to testify. You can sign in against these draconian gun control measures and show the committee that, as always, Granite Staters refuse to kowtow to out-of-state organizations seeking to harm their protected fundamental human right to self defense.

Tuesday, February 4th


Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee
When: Tuesday –  February 4
Where: Legislative Office Building – Room 204

1:00 PM  – HB 1350 – AN ACT requiring a locking safety device be provided for commercial firearm sales and transfers.

This legislation leaves ‘approved’ safety devices, including firearm safes, up to the NH Commissioner of Safety. Not only do most manufacturers already include locking safety devices with new firearms but for those who don’t, this legislation will increase the price of firearms, which directly affects those who can least afford them but need them the most.

This leads down a very slippery slope of having very few devices approved and eventually, firearm safe ‘checks’ in your home.

This legislation does nothing for safety. It’s only about control.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee:

First Name Last Name Phone Email
John Bordenet (603) 352-0680
Dennis Fields (603) 528-6224
Dennis Green (603) 234-7776
David Meuse
Nancy Murphy (603) 424-0254
Sue Newman (603) 880-8973
Ray Newman (603) 880-8973
Andrew O’Hearne (603) 558-1038
Linn Opderbecke (603) 742-4119
Laura Pantelakos (603) 436-2148
Julie Radhakrishnan (603) 321-1965
Terry Roy (978) 235-2400
Sandy Swinburne (603) 876-4173
Dave Testerman (603) 320-9524
Scott Wallace

You call email the entire committee using this email address:

OR even better, copy and paste their individual emails below:

Wednesday, February 5th


Judiciary Committee
When: Wednesday –  February 5
Where: Legislative Office Building – Room 208

11:00 AM – HB 1143 – AN ACT repealing limited liability for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition.

NH House Democrats want to allow Granite Staters to be able to bring lawsuits against firearms manufacturers, distributors and dealers if someone uses a firearm to inflict harm on another person. They are taking the responsibility of the ACTIONS of a criminal, off of the criminal and seek to allow Granite Staters to PLACE BLAME at the feet of manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

These same legislators don’t seek to hold car manufacturers and dealers responsible for drunk driving. They don’t seek to hold knife manufacturers responsible for stabbings.

This is another attempt to HARM law-abiding manufacturers, distributors and dealers responsible for the actions of criminals but ONLY criminals who use firearms and ammunition, not ALL criminals. You can view the existing law here.

Judiciary Committee:

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Alexander Joe (603) 856-5227
Altschiller Debra (603) 686-1234
Berch Paul (603) 399-4960
Burroughs Anita (603) 986-6216
Chase Wendy (603) 319-7259
DiLorenzo Charlotte (603) 659-2140
Gordon Edward (603) 744-2139
Griffin Barbara (603) 497-8286
Hopper Gary (603) 529-7728
Horrigan Timothy (603) 868-3342
Janvrin Jason (603) 944-7449
Keans Sandra (603) 332-3472
Kenney Cam (508) 677-5141
Langley Diane (603) 669-3626
McLean Mark (603) 668-0076
Smith Marjorie (603) 868-7500
Stevens Deb
Sylvia Michael (603) 707-8594
Woodbury David (603) 487-2634

You call email the entire committee using this email address:

OR even better, copy and paste their individual emails below:

Education Committee
When: Wednesday –  February 5
Where: Legislative Office Building – Rooms 205-207

10:00 AM – HB 1509 – AN ACT relative to emergency threat protection orders for individuals at post secondary educational institutions.

This is a RED FLAG LAW against College students!!!!! This is more ‘THOUGHT POLICE’ legislation that infringes upon the rights of all college students. College campuses are already known for abuses against the 1st Amendment along with sexual assault claims against students. This legislation ALLOWS for more ABUSE against college students along with confiscation of any firearms the student may own. To be clear, this will allow for the confiscation of firearms that are owned by family members as well.

1:00 PM – HB 1285 – AN ACT relative to possession of firearms on school property.

Yet ANOTHER ‘Gun Free Zone’ bill that seeks to ENDANGER the lives of students, law-abiding citizens and teachers. This legislation will criminalize pistol/revolver license holders who currently are allowed, by federal law, to carry concealed on school grounds. This legislation will be a BEACON to criminals who seek to harm defenseless schools. Why? Because law-abiding citizens follow the laws which is exactly what they do today.

This also puts women who need to protect themselves AT RISK of being harmed by an abusive ex or a stalker because they will NOT be able to carry concealed when dropping their children off at school. Gun control laws should NEVER be left up to school boards. EVER.

Facts never seem to matter to gun controllers whose legislation ONLY harms law-abiding citizens while ENABLING criminals.

Education Committee:

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Allard James (603) 435-5169
Boehm Ralph (603) 860-6309
Cordelli Glenn (603) 515-0008
Cornell Patricia (603) 644-5480
Doherty David (603) 485-2788
Elliott Robert (603) 893-0402
Ellison Arthur (603) 224-7425
Forsythe Robert (805) 708-2665
Ladd Rick (603) 989-3268
Le Tamara (603) 964-6403
Lekas Alicia (603) 881-8960
Luneau David (603) 746-6484
Mullen Sue (603) 647-0120
Myler Mel (603) 746-5294
Riel Cole (603) 497-8848
Shaw Barbara (603) 626-4681
Vallone Mark (603) 679-5186
Wolf Dan (603) 763-5176
Woodcock Stephen (603) 356-2904

You call email the entire committee using this email address:

OR even better, copy and paste their individual emails below:

If you have any questions, please contact


Don’t forget to help FIGHT AGAINST this out-of-state GUN CONTROL by attending our 6th Annual 2A Rally!

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