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Notable Quote – Tim from Nashua

live free or die

Mike’s post “Babylon Bee: Sanders Confused By NH Motto” uses the old tried and true formula – just enough truth to be believable and in this case, the butt of the satire is sufficiently known not to be a Liberty and Freedom kind of guy:

Death is not the worst of evils . . . living in slavery to communists is.

[P]residential candidate Bernie Sanders was very confused when he saw the phrase “Live Free or Die” on a license plate. “What is that?” he demanded. When someone explained it was the state motto, he was even more confounded. “Both those options sound horrible!” he exclaimed.

Tim just supplied the last part of General Stark’s famous words of “Live Free or Die…Death is not the worst of all Evils”.

And then he DOES supply us with an actual Evil that I can’t do better given we’re in the middle of a campaign and looking at as possibles Prez Wannabees  (putting aside Bloomberg for the time being).