I'm betting that Trump could use this ad, too - Granite Grok

I’m betting that Trump could use this ad, too


I was watching the Democrat Prez Debate in Las Vegas and I think that this was a special moment that really brought out the deer-in-headlights of all of the Prez Wannabees: Warren, Sanders, Biden, Buttegieg, Klobuchar; asked by Hizzoner Nanny Bloomberg who else up on that stage had ever actually added to our economy by creating a business that employed people:

Now there’s a bit of hysteria in the Politicosphere in that we hear voice of rage yammering “Doctored, the video is doctored!  It didn’t happen that way!”.  Well, of course it didn’t – it was a rather quick moment in time in when Nanny-in-Chief-In-His-Own-Mind then rolled into his “other countries have tried this – it’s called Communism and it didn’t work” (paraphrased). There were no long silences at that time.

But this is REALLY effective as an ad as NONE of the other candidates could ante up that they had taken up the risk of starting and running a business.  The risk that they could risk EVERYTHING and lose it all. But in having a business, they “took care of” their employees in paying them such they could support their families.

They can’t understand what it is like.  Which kinda blows up that they have the knowledge to successfully manage our economy without a single “Oopsie” (and we know that there would be THOUSANDS of Oopsies as they run our economy into a long, LONG dirt nap.

Deer in headlights. It showed the tremendous divide between Bloomberg, who has, and the rest of them that haven’t. Yet, all of these self-important incompetents that have never run a business but believe they can make decisions about 10s of thousands of businesses outcomes and get all the decisions correct.  Such HUBRIS.

But they pass it off as just part of the idea that they RUN the country once elected – that the Presidency is an Imperial one in which THEY decided instead of just “faithfully execute” the laws to which they have been entrusted.  Such is how large and intrusive our Federal Government has become and they are salivating on wielding that Power that the growth has given the Oval Office.

They can’t wait in transforming our nation in their ideological image – it is who they are.

Which is why the rest of us need to get out and vote so that WE get to choose – and not them. And keep Trump in office to keep giving him a chance to right-size the government to the point where NO President has as much Power as the office now has.

(H/T: Foxnews)