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If Democrats Insist on Not Arresting Lawbreakers Why Should We Follow Any of Their Laws?

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Lifting a nation from the third world to the second and then the first requires a commitment by the people and their elected leaders. You need to defend property rights, have an independent judiciary, and the rule of law-laws that apply to everyone. Even Democrats or one of their potential electorates.

The Party of the Left has a rule of law problem. They prefer the rule of man. Not the orange man, though they insist he is Trumhitler and a tyrant for enforcing the law. No, they prefer to rule by Democrat fancy. Whimsy. The partisan application of force in a way that harms their political opponents or advantages them.

America has a Constitution and laws that place certain powers in the hands of the Federal Government and the Chief Executive. Congress has, for decades, handed over much of its own powers to that branch. Always under the assumption that they would control it, and this would serve their agenda.

When that doesn’t happen, they proclaim abuse of power. Such is the case with Mr. Trump’s introduction of 100 Tactical Border Patrol agents (BORTAC) to sanctuary cities. Their job is to find, wait for it, criminals. Not illegal aliens because they are here illegally, but illegal aliens who have committed other crimes (for which you or I as citizens would be arrested) after arriving illegally.

They are hiding in sanctuary cities. Most of the criminals BORTAC is pursuing are MS-13 gang members and drug cartel leaders pushing heroin and fentanyl. These are criminals who are also engaged in sex-trafficking of women and children, and violent crimes, including murder. Violations for which American citizens and legal aliens would be rightly arrested and prosecuted.

Democrats are up in arms over the Chief Executive doing his job and enforcing federal law.

If enforcing the law is bad. And arresting lawbreakers is wrong. Why then should citizens, legal immigrants, or anyone, for that matter, pay any attention to any other law, especially the ones created and passed by Democrats?

It’s not just Democrats, to be fair. And it is not only illegal immigrants committing additional illegal acts. The core failure of the political class is its complete disregard for the Constitution(s) erected at our Founding to protect the citizens from this sort of random partisan abuse.

You swear an oath, then ignore it. You write increasingly oppressive laws to protect yourselves while picking and choosing which of the other laws to enforce and upon whom.

How is this not a creeping despotism and why should we not, at the earliest opportunity, replace you with lawmakers committed to the equal protection of natural rights and enforcement of the law?

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