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Follow the Money

Follow the money

I have been working on both State and County Budgets for over two decades. One handy rule I use in analyzing why the money is in the budget is “Follow the Money.” This simple rule leads one to find out the why this got included. Who benefits? Where does the money come from?

What will the effects of the expenditure be? I try to use this reasoning as I watch what is happening in our national government, and what is different?

Donald Trump was certainly a different candidate. He was the first one I can remember that said, “I can pay for my own campaign.” What was the effect of that?

In all previous campaigns, millions of dollars had to be raised, and there are lists of contributors who make big contributions. I am sure that these big contributors are expecting something in return. For example, Barack Obama had a war against coal, stopped the XL pipeline, prohibited drilling in many places, and then sent all the drilling rigs out of the Gulf of Mexico after a drill explosion. The result was higher prices for oil, gas and coal.

The dealers in those commodities could then boost the prices and increase profits. Obama leaves office as a millionaire. That is just one example. So, if Trump reverses all those policies, then more fuel is available, the price goes down and likely the profits. Who wins? As energy is the lifeblood of our economy, the savings are widespread, and all of us gain.

That is just the most obvious example of influences for friends that does not help the economy in general.

But Trump, not being beholden to any big influences, is likely the reason for his being attacked so constantly. No favors for big media, no favors for foreigners trying to get special treatment, no favors for big tech. What wonders we have when we let the market function as it was designed. It discloses how much we have had interference in the past, not just Presidents, but Congress members as well.

It leads me to wonder if both Mexico and Canada were influencing House members to sit on the USMCA deal for a year.

With the billions that China is losing by stopping their unfair trade practices, how much would they give Democrats to try to overthrow Trump. Most of us would know this was a “Fools Game” from the start. But it would likely be less clearly understood by our enemies, who overthrow governments often. I am sure they would keep the cash flowing to the Democrats as long as they saw a chance to reverse policies they opposed.

As I watch the Democrat Candidates for President, I am struck by the same thought. Why are they trying to destroy our culture, they are out to war on free speech and gun ownership? They want to make our people more dependent with false promises of free tuition, loan forgiveness, free medical care for all. Haven’t we learned our lesson from the false promises of Obamacare?

Thank you, President Trump, for showing us how great our country can be when we embrace freedom and let capitalism be less encumbered. China, Russia, and Iran are all upset that their people are rioting for more freedom, and in both Hong Kong and Iran they are waving US flags to show the level of freedom they want. So, the rulers of these countries would love to see us less free. Is it possible they are funding the Democrats?

by NH State Rep. Kenneth L. Weyler

Ken is a longtime member of the New Hampshire House, with over twenty years on the Finance Committee. He represents Hampstead and Kingston.