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Feeding The Crows


Project Veritas recently caught a couple of Bernie’s bloodthirsty bros on camera spewing vitriol of the violent revolutionary bent. Their screed made me laugh. The screeds and wide-eyed rant sincerely entertained me. I shake my head and wrote them off as crow food.

Sh*t Talking Cucks

Kyle Jeffrey Jurek

Do I doubt their sincerity? Not one bit. Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber’s advocacy for violence is very real in their hearts and minds. I do believe that. Standing on a street corner in an American city, to throw rocks, wield clubs and yell obscenities clad in masked-face is many miles apart from that low intensity conflict which they are boasting  to start, over a pint.

Marty Weissgerber actually gets specific and talks up training with Ak-47s. That right there cracked me up!  The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo said this,

The Post Millennial has independently verified that Weissgerber has expressed disdain for police officers, Israel, women, and more on social media all the while enjoying an opulent lifestyle where he sips champagne, goes sailing and holidaying in Europe.

 Kyle Jurek is a malcontent. A third rate miscreant with an arrest record for a whole host of petty crimes. Simply put, he cannot control himself. He has no discipline and he is useless. He doesn’t even look like he can handle basic hygiene.


Okay. So let us put some kind of pedestrian-level measure to that, because while I am no bona fide academic expert, but, I do “know stuff”. War Stuff.

Martin Weissgerber, Cuck

Here is the thing. Weissgerber lives like a Cuck. Moreover, what he is espousing is what the war hacks define as, “low-intensity conflict.” (Yes, I am trying not to laugh out loud.) Cucks gravitate toward pleasure and avidly avoid pain. If they are cold, immediate climate change is sought. If they are hungry, they seek food and said food  must be prepared exactly as they demand. If tired they must sleep and sleep as long as they feel they need. They lack self-discipline or the ability to adapt to any environment they find objectionable, inconvenient or uncomfortable. Anything not within their comfort level is changed.

Emotions govern and guide the Cuck. Critical  thinking, problem solving and rational behavior become subordinate to emotions. First contact with a war fighter and these cucks will be fed to the crows.

Neither Marty nor Kyle strike me as people who could get comfortable being uncomfortable. Battlefields and combat zones are austere by their very nature. It is the natural progression of low intensity conflict. A sleep-deprived, food-deprived exhausted state of being becomes the norm. No showers or creature comforts. The only

The Cucks are going to fight these people?

easy day  was yesterday and our Veterans lived and breathed those discomforts.  for very long periods of time. These boys are Crow Food.

I am not sure how Marty and Kyle think any of this will work. I do not think they even know how it looks. Nevertheless, When Marty, “Proudly proclaimed his support for violent class warfare,” and continued with, “What will help is when we send all of the Republicans to the re-education camps.” What is Marty saying? Is Marty meaning to imply some perceived servile compliance? That is how one becomes food for crows. No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.


If one is going to wage war on people, one must be self-disciplined, and well trained. I think back to my combat training at the School of Infantry at Camp LeJeune. We had these platitudes we had to recite. “The more you sweat in peace, and the less you bleed in war.”  We learned to “Embraced the Suck.” It was a gut check to make sure we were all in, all the time.This became battle hardened. Now, we walk around society laughing at these people.

Finally, there are the guns. The talk of AK-47s. So in Marty’s analysis, were I to go out and purchase a Piano, I would suddenly become a Piano Player? “It doesn’t work that way, Marty.”

 Every election cycle we see candidates, posting pictures of themselves with pristine rifles that look like action movie props. Those guns lack the gear actual war fighters use in the field. It is there where I muse to myself, “Nice gun, but can you run it?” You had better know how to move and shoot.

If Marty and Kyle’s revolutionary aspirations will require guns, skills on hand alone makes them crow food. Such are the rantings of those who run to their deaths.

Finally, there is a strong irony in all of this sh*t-talking done by these idiots: The First Amendment. No Secret Police force is going to chase after these Cucks for what they are saying. The First Amendment of the constitution does not relieve us of uncomfortable speech. The irony is that these two say these things relying on free speech and at the same time want to snuff out free speech.

Lastly, be concerned that for the nature of the conversation. That a campaign would employ such people without rebuking them for concepts that go against the Republic we call America. This is tyranny in raw form.

We can be assured that if these malcontents muster the balls to strike, They will indeed be fed to the crows.