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Another Corrupt Democrat gets Convicted and This one Is Going to Jail

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I’m not sure upon whom this reflects more poorly, the people of Baltimore or the Democrat party (if and when they are not the same thing). Former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh was just sentenced to three years in Jail for corruption.

Her predecessor is the infamous Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who famously let rioters destroy the city because they needed room, you know, “to give those who wish to destroy the space to do that.”

Her predecessor, Mayor Shelia Dixon, was convicted of embezzlement. The felony theft of gift cards (7 counts), in sums over 500.00 dollars for each count, which she used for her personal benefit. They were meant for needy families (nice). She avoided the felony charges in exchange for misdemeanors but had to leave office. That’ how Rawlings-Blake got to be mayor. She was the city council president when Dixon departed.

Dixon was Baltimore’s first African American woman mayor. Rawlings-Blake was the second. Pugh is the third.

(Martin O’Malley preceded Dixon.)

Pugh, 69, came under fire for selling $500,000 in copies of her “Healthy Holly” children’s books to the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) while serving on its board. She also sold 20,000 copies of the books to Kaiser Permanente for $114,000 from 2015 to 2018, and 10,000 copies to Associated Black Charities for nearly $80,000 from 2011 and 2016, both of which deals raised questions regarding conflicts of interest. In all, she made $850,000, according to prosecutors.

Pugh resigned last spring after the scandal went wide. Another product of the corrupt political establishment. In a city whose crime rates are higher than those of several Central American Countries.

A place where everyone runs for office on reducing crime but not one of them thinks allowing law-abiding citizens to arm and protect themselves is the cure they seek. They are Democrats. Lowering crime is not part of their programming. In Baltimore, it may be because many of them are criminals themselves.