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Two Months After Bailing on NH Julian Castro Has Ended Presidential Run

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Two months ago, Julian Castro pulled the plug on the First in the Nation New Hampshire Primary. He closed offices, pulled out his staff, and let the locals loose. Today he’s calling it quits.

Back in November, I wrote,

I guess he’s not ready to drop out, but if he’s pulling out of New Hampshire, he might as well. Iowa’s cute, and all, but whoever wins here will have momentum actual momentum.

Pro-tip. Stop donating to Castro’s sinking ship.

I wasn’t the only one to have that thought. And now it has come to this.

“I’ve determined that it simply isn’t our time,” Mr. Castro said in a nearly four-minute video message released by his campaign, which included a montage from his year on the trail, including visits to the border and a homeless encampment in Oakland. “Today it’s with a heavy heart, and profound gratitude, that I will suspend my campaign for president.”

Then there’s this thought. The Democrat party primary voters and donors are running all the minority candidates out of town (except Liz Warren, though she’s been lagging of late).

Booker (I’m guessing) will be gone by early February. Tulsi (see our interview here), who was surfing in icy New Hampshire waters this week, will probably be surfing in beautiful Hawaii soon enough, though she seems like the sort to tough it out to make a point.

I’m not which point. Gabbard says she wants to bring her party back from the far-left fringe. As I’ve noted previously, the Socialists own the unions, and the Marxists own the campuses. The only moderate left party is the one you create.

Good luck with that.

And Buh-Bye Comrade Castro. And yes, we believe you when you say you are done trying to find a way to get the government to take our stuff.

Here’s a link to the long goodbye, if you are so inclined.

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