"The Sham is over" - Granite Grok

“The Sham is over”

sham impeachment

If one goes by the strict interpretation of “Impeachment”, it cannot start until a President starts his term.  Yet, before Trump was even sworn in, the Democrats started the process and laying down their Narrative as to why it happened and why Trump had to be impeached – and convicted.

Yawn. Already Schiff, an “impeachment manager” is already lying about the Articles and the “evidence” that are supposed to buttress their allegations. The end justifies the means because this is probably the only way they can stop Trump from being re-elected.

Oh, wait? Even if impeached, and the long, LONG shot that enough Republican Senators join with the Democrats to convict, what is there that would stop him from running and being elected?

(H/T: RedState