"The inconvenient truth is that transwomen are male..." - Granite Grok

“The inconvenient truth is that transwomen are male…”

Transgender bathroom stand with women

A Transwoman Science Teacher from Britain has come out and said transwomen are male. “The inconvenient truth is that transwomen are male, and — as a group — we present the same hazard that men present.”

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I didn’t say it was flattering.

Debbie Hayton is a British science teacher and a transgender campaigner. Hayton, who struggles with gender dysphoria, identifies as a trans woman but still acknowledges that trans women are men. Denying this fact, Hayton argues, is harmful to transgender people since society is unlikely to build trust and respect with a minority group if said group coerces them into denying science and safeguarding provisions.

The Science teacher acknowledges that forcing transwomen into female spaces (bathrooms, locker rooms) creates an opportunity for abuse of women. Especially when there is absolutely no “evidence of a psychological need.”

That point sounds familiar because we’ve made it here repeatedly. Human nature tells us this is true. That those most likely to abuse women or children will take advantage of such laws to do that. Sexual predators choose occupations, and places to put them close to potential victims. It does not mean all transwomen are sexual predators it means the predators will claim to be transformed especially when the law makes it a crime to question their sincerity.

“Evidence of a psychological need.”

Democrats have been adamant about refusing to include any such qualification. Like the Medicaid requirement to work if you are able. Which should shine more suspicion on the motives of the left than the people they claim to want to help. It’s as if they want to erase all their debt for college to buy their votes.

Hey, that’s sounds familiar. And it should. Presidential candidates on the left are promising all sorts of gimme’s to buy votes. Even transgender women. Biden says it is job one. Letting men dominate women’s sports and bathrooms and locker rooms. 

Staying out of jail should be Biden’s jobs one. And maybe it is. Perhaps he ran for president so he could say “being investigated” was something that it was not when Democrats did it to candidate Trump.

The Transwoman science teacher may be regretting the outing. The #woke culture is not tolerant about tolerating that sort of tolerance. Sex has to be a spectrum without limit or proof of need. A thing that most people rebuke privately but are terrified to admit publicly. 

The folks demanding tolerance won’t tolerate it.

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