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Taxpayer Win: SCOTUS Derails Green Card and Illegal Alien Gravy Train

Supreme Court

After a series of conflicting circuit court decisions, the US Supreme Court has handed President Trump (and taxpayers) a Yuge Immigration win. Yuge!

The 5-4 decision stays a lower court injunction, allowing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to move ahead with examining would-be immigrants’ history of access to public programs such as food stamps, many forms of Medicaid, public housing assistance, welfare cash payments and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Open borders advocates are outraged, claiming those here could go hungry for fear of getting deported. Is that like burglars being afraid to fence stolen goods for fear of getting caught?

Look, we can argue over what to do with the people already here, but this change is not explicitly directed at them.

Yes, Green cardholders will be expected to work if they wish to remain. And we have an economy that needs workers. And that’s why they (supposedly) got the green card. To work. If you came here to live off taxpayers, and are able-bodied, then we’re telling you no. Work, or you lose your green card.

Anyone on the public dole who can work should. It’s a hand up not a handout. Whether you are a citizen or not.

Lose the Incentives

ICE is now free to address individual cases as they come up. But the real motivation for this rule, in my opinion, is to turn off the taxpayer spigot that is encouraging people to risk their lives to get here to get a green card, or not.

Getting to the border is dangerous. It enables and finances human traffickers and drug cartels. People who will leave you for dead the moment the risk outweighs the reward. But the idea that you might get here sneak in and get free stuff is still an incentive. This rule change ends that incentive. It will ultimately save thousands of lives. The lives of families, women, and children who will no longer have a reason to risk life and limb on the journey.

Through a series of legal wins and diplomacy, the odds of getting here or getting in have decreased exponentially. Mexico is blocking traffic at its southern border and detaining illegals in the country while they wait for US courts to determine their status. Many are returned home.

Sending another message that the American-taxpayer free ride is over cements these bricks into the foundation of a regulatory wall that never should have been taken down in the first place.

We have our own problems to deal with, a few of which are a result of the Left’s open-borders GOTV strategy. Domestic human suffering. Homelessness in large liberal cities. The opioid crisis, addiction, and drug abuse. Veterans who deserve our attention first and foremost.  

The United States’ obligations are to find ways to help them. Part of that process is vetting potential new citizens for how they can contribute to solving these problems, not lining up in front of them.

This new rule will do more to keep Green Card holders working and off welfare and further deter the influx of potential new mouths to feed while we work on caring for our citizens and those who are here legally.

| Washington Examiner