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Tammy Simmons: Steve Duprey PAID a lot to support your House race – vote for him for NH GOP Committeeman

Tammy Simmons

I dunno if this was given a “green light” by someone or if this was just Tammy Simmons (past Chair of the Manchester Republican Committee) shoving this out there in order to “guilt” people into voting for Steve Duprey. Emphasis mine:

From: Tammy Simmons <xxxxxxxx@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2020 10:34 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Steve Duprey Supported Your NH House Race

I’m writing to you because you’ll be casting a vote for National Committeeman this Saturday at the NGGO Annual Meeting.  Some of you may be voting for Steve, some for Chris, for a handful of different reasons.

I think she meant NHGOP instead of NGGO, in case you were wondering about that. Dylexia of the fingertips, I presume.  But that’s not the problem here…

You were a candidate for State Rep in 2018 – thank you for stepping up and putting your name on the ballot.  As a fellow candidate, I know first hand how helpful the independent expenditures made by the Committee to Elect House Republicans can be.  Last time around they spend over $81,000 on mail on our behalf.

What you may not realize is that Steve Duprey was the single largest donor to the House PAC last cycle.  His business contributed $10,000 and he contributed $10,000 personally. Steve’s donations account for 25% of the cost of the mail into your district.

Steve Duprey has been a huge asset to NH Republicans.  His tenure at the RNC has resulted in the connections and alliances needed to ensure that we maintain our FITN status and that the RNC sees value in investing in NH in future years as they have in the past.  because of Steve’s efforts, NH has gotten more than all of the rest of New England combined in funding from the RNC.

Steve Duprey’s generous financial support for NH candidates has also been huge – whether it was maxing out to the House PAC, his repeated donations to Friends of Chris Sununu, or the litany of donations made to the NHGOP for operating expenses.

For these reasons alone, I ask you to consider voting to return Steve Duprey to the RNC.  He’s been there for each and every one of us – the least we can do is be there for him.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Hon. Tammy Simmons
Manchester, NH

You see where that went – and the implications thereof.  Quid pro quo, according to Tammy Simmons?  Could one consider this a form of “paying the Danegeld“? Or “dance with the one that brung ya to the [financial] dance? I think its rather plain that Tammy Simmon is happy to say that you should consider yourself bought and paid for – you OWE him your vote for NH GOP Committeeman.

This may not rise (or sink, depending on your point of view) to the level of “Nice business ya got there, pity if something were to happen to it” but it isn’t far off.  Just a plain reading of this is that Tammy Simmons’ message is “he gave you money to run”. Second message: “win or lose, you OWE him (either at a personal level or a big wet kiss of thanks from the entire NH GOP)”.

And the not explicitly stated one: “that faucet may get stopped up if you don’t vote for him and he loses”.  Now, that’s only my rumination but who knows. It’s clear that this has now gone “hard ball”.  It’s also clear, based on the endorsements emails that RightVoter is pelting people with, that this has turned harder into the Elite of the Party versus the Grassroots.  Make no mistake, Steve has been at the top of the NH GOP food chain for a long, long time; of course the GOPe are coming out full tilt for him.

I am amused, in a way, that this is like the 2016 Republican Primary with the Elites (or those that thought they were) all coming out to jam down those that weren’t. How’d that work out in the end? Each and everyone of those long term politicians, many with LOTS of money (Right Jeb?) got stymied by someone that was derisively dismissed.

And the Grassroots adopted him as one of them – it wasn’t the money, it was the attitude of being the common guy (albeit with $4-10 Billion and a whole fleet of aircraft). And he won.

And we’ve had that split ever since: Never-Trumpers (those that felt they were entitled to something they weren’t and those voting for him are still scum) vs the Trumpers. I do wonder if Tammy was a Never-Trumper??

Reminder and full disclosure: GraniteGrok has fully endorsed Chris Ager.

And we haven’t received a dime from him, either.

UPDATE: I had this in my mind when I was writing this but “in the moment” it got shoved to the side.

I am GLAD that Steve has been very, VERY successful – that’s what our system is all about.  Get rich by doing something you love – it IS the American way!  Not stealing it like the Socialists believe but by SERVING others. In our system, if a producer / seller doesn’t meet the needs of potential customers, you aren’t going to get the sale and you aren’t going to get their money. You EARN it every day.  He did.  And he can do with his largesse however he wants to. After all, unlike what many politicians on the Left believe, it’s HIS money. He can spend it anyway he wants to.

Or not.

But for Simmons, in imply that he is spending it on the NH GOP, making it highly clear that there’s only one way to say thank you is a vote for Steve, that’s beyond the pale. But we’ll leave it to the voters within the Manchester GOP to deal with this.

We just point it out and opine upon it. They’ll be able to take action upon this.