Swing District Dems Fear Election Carnage if Bernie or Liz Warren Win the Nomination - Granite Grok

Swing District Dems Fear Election Carnage if Bernie or Liz Warren Win the Nomination

Bernie Warren

Congressional Democrats in swing districts are in a panic. They view the possibility that Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders might win the Party Presidential nomination as a down-ticket political death sentence. If they’re scared how does the party feel about it?

I suspect they feel the same. That Democrats need to support Joe Biden if they want to hold the House. It is why I picked Biden to win the nomination early into the contest.

Having qualifications, skills, nor policy pandering matter. Gaffes are not a problem either. There is only one question that needs to be answered. Who has the best odds of beating Trump and keeping Democrat majorities? Sadly for Democrats, that’s Biden, and the at-risk swing state Democrats in the House know it.

Do you know who else knows? House Democrats in Republican districts that won in 2018. Not so much swing as wave election winners. As in wave goodbye in 2020, if Socialist Sanders or Lyin’ Liz grabs the nomination prize. Or so the thinking goes. This also hints at the possibility of a dramatic Democrat convention “second vote bomb drop” by the super-delegates who could put their weight behind anyone, including Hillary. 

That may not happen.

Biden or some other stiff could lock up the delegates to lock up the convention. But even with members of congress coalescing away from the big-name socialists, there’s no guarantee. Mayor Butt Edge Edge and Amy Klobuchar are claiming the moderate mantel too. None of them are moderate, but from the left’s perspective, Putin might look like less of a communist than either Sanders or Warren.

Appearances matter. Feelings matter. beating Trump matters.

It’s Hard to Win When Your Ideas Suck

It’s a problem for Democrats framed nicely by Liz ‘I have a plan‘ Warren.

Claiming to be a planner lifted her in the polls until she released the plans. She quickly descended and is struggling. And while all the Dem aspirants support these Warrenesque ideas, they had the sense to be more vacuous or ephemeral. Feelings. Nothing more than, you get th eidea.

Vague collectivist narrative bribes (free college, free healthcare, and an economy for all) are good but no details or commitment to the terms, cost, restrictions, or who has to pay.

“I have a plan!” See my completely uninformative outline on my web site or check out this video feels without facts.

No need. We are here to translate. There will be more taxes, higher taxes, bigger government, more regulation. Because the think they know better. As if you call the government before making any spending decisions. Do you? No one does. Because no one knows better what your needs are than you (except for Democrats).

They know better, and if you give them the authority, they will make it legal to steal your money and then show you whether you like it or not. A problem that has Democrats worried because America may still be at least a generation away from being ready for that unless people decide not to show up and vote.

In which case that awful day could be coming this November.

We’d like to encourage you to make sure that does not happen. And when it comes to Sanders and Warren and an increasing number of Democrats are hoping they don’t happen. But they could. 

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