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Steve Duprey Will Only Support Republicans in New Hampshire if They Give Him Something in Return?

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Manchester “republican” Tammy Simmons has endorsed Steve Duprey for RNC Committeeman. I wrote about what I thought that means earlier today here. As if to prove me right, she has sent out an email that confirms it. Money is more important than principles.

From: Tammy Simmons <xxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2020, 10:34 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Steve Duprey Supported Your NH House Race

I’m writing to you because you’ll be casting a vote for National Committeeman this Saturday at the NGGO Annual Meeting.  Some of you may be voting for Steve, some for Chris, for a handful of different reasons.

You were a candidate for State Rep in 2018 – thank you for stepping up and putting your name on the ballot.  As a fellow candidate, I know first hand how helpful the independent expenditures made by the Committee to Elect House Republicans can be.  Last time around they spend over $81,000 on mail on our behalf.

What you may not realize is that Steve Duprey was the single largest donor to the House PAC last cycle.  His business contributed $10,000 and he contributed $10,000 personally. Steve’s donations account for 25% of the cost of the mail into your district.

Steve Duprey has been a huge asset to NH Republicans.  His tenure at the RNC has resulted in the connections and alliances needed to ensure that we maintain our FITN status and that the RNC sees value in investing in NH in future years as they have in the past.  because of Steve’s efforts, NH has gotten more than all of the rest of New England combined in funding from the RNC.

Steve Duprey’s generous financial support for NH candidates has also been huge – whether it was maxing out to the House PAC, his repeated donations to Friends of Chris Sununu, or the litany of donations made to the NHGOP for operating expenses.

For these reasons alone, I ask you to consider voting to return Steve Duprey to the RNC.  He’s been there for each and every one of us – the least we can do is be there for him.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Hon. Tammy Simmons

First in the Nation Primary aside – I think any Committeeman from NH would fight for that, at the end of the day, this is about money and not principles.

And that’s a problem. Washington, DC and the ruling class culture is all about selling your principles for money.

That may not have been Ms. Simmon’s intent, but that’s how I read this. Please ignore Mr. Duprey’s deviations from the platform and principle because he will write big checks. 

Are we to gather from this then that should Steve Duprey lose his RNC committeeman seat this Saturday that he will stop financial support to New Hampshire Republicans?

How or why would that be any incentive to vote for him if he’s only willing to support Republicans in New Hampshire if they give him something in return?