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Someone Tell the NH Department of Tourism – Hiking is Racist!

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For centuries New Hampshire has been profiting on hiking. The Granite State has a seemingly endless choice of trails, walks, hikes, and other pedestrian adventures for every taste and skill level. It’s a critical part of our tourism economy. But the Sierra Club says it is racist.

As an activist and author Glenn Nelson writes, “Because the outdoors remains a largely white domain, it is up to white America to invite communities of color in, to enlist us as allies.”

On the one hand, we have elites telling us NH is too white. No one can figure out why, but the elites think they can and should fix it. Forced march? Taxpayer bailout incentives. Less hiking? More hiking?

How exactly do you invite people of color outside without sounding like a racist? Is asking them to spend time outside an act of cultural oppression? What if they prefer to be indoors? What if they don’t like the cold?  Does that make the left’s planetary war on warming racist?

And what of Democrat urban areas? Cities run by the left for decades with an epidemic number of homeless people, many of them minorities, who would much rather get inside?

Is the progressive emphasis on living in places with walkability, racist?

Does this make homeless shelters racist or anyone trying to get people of color to come indoors racist? Why do you want them outdoors? Is that racist?

What about people not of color who don’t like being outside? Are they, by example, encouraging people of color to stay indoors? What if they hang out with like-minded people of color? Is that some sort of indoorsy white supremacy, colonialist totalitarianism? Keeping them down to save the outdoors for white people, except where otherwise noted?

And, does someone at the Sierra Club have way too much time on their hands?

That may be the only question we can answer today. Yes. Yes, they do.

Are we making fun of them? Yes. Yes, we are.

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