So Steve Duprey has hired RightVoter to keep his NH GOP Committeeman seat? Wanna do a GrokGauntlet with us? - Granite Grok

So Steve Duprey has hired RightVoter to keep his NH GOP Committeeman seat? Wanna do a GrokGauntlet with us?

The timing couldn’t have been better as yesterday, the news came out that incumbent Committeeman Steve Duprey hired the Republican outfit, RightVoter, to manage his campaign to keep that position. The reason why I mentioned timing is that Chris Ager, the current Hillsborough County Chair and candidate to replace Steve Duprey, dared to enter our lair and sat down with us for a “GrokGauntlet” (aka editorial board review) Tuesday night.

Anyways, an excerpt from the mail that several of we Groksters received (emphasis mine):

January 8, 2020
Contact: Michael Biundo; 202-809-6014

Steve Duprey Brings on RightVoter to Run his Republican National Committeeman Race in the Granite State

Manchester, NH – Steve Duprey, the Republican National Committeeman for New Hampshire, is bringing on RightVoter to assist with his campaign for re-election, which will take place at the Republican State Committee’s annual meeting later this month.

That would be January 25th as I understand it. Short campaign – two weeks.

Duprey is running for his 5th term to the important position and has a long history of advocating for New Hampshire Republicans at the RNC. In particular, he has been a leader in defending the New Hampshire primary against challenges by officials in various other states for many years.

The partners at RightVoter, Michael Biundo, Andrew Boucher, Derek Dufresne, and Kory Wood, have a tenured history in New Hampshire Republican politics.

During the last cycle, partners Michael Biundo and Derek Dufresne ran point for the firm on the campaign for Eddie Edwards, the Republican nominee for Congress in NH-01 in 2018. They also served as communications advisors for Steve Negron, the Republican nominee in NH-02 during the same year. They then ran Victoria Sullivan’s campaign for mayor of Manchester in 2019…

Yes, they have. And other than Andrew Boucher, I’ve known all of the Principals of the firm for a number of years. So I sent this to them last night:

From: “Skip” <>
Sent: 1/8/2020 3:49:31 PM
Subject: Re[2]: Release: Steve Duprey brings on RightVoter to run Republican National Committeeman race in NH

We just did a “GrokGauntlet” (aka, editorial board) with his opponent, Chris Ager, last night.

Consider this an offer to extend the same to Steve, if he wishes.  No gotcha questions and more of a conversation rather “an interrogation” interview.

We are trying to do this in several races and since we are Right of Center, (hey, I make Atilla the Hun look like a Democrat Socialist), what happens in the NH GOP certainly has relevance. Plus, our readership probably reaches most, if not all, of the NH GOP Committee members.

Can we set this up?

Co-Founder, owner

Still no word back at this point. We’ll see if they respond. We have met with a couple of candidates in races already and we have a few more scheduled this month. We’re open to talk with anyone to see where they stand and if we might make endorsement in those races. Right now, we’re doing the state-wide races (I consider the NH GOP a state wide race) but will be happy to talk to others later on.

While we Groksters are Conservative overall, we are a mixed bunch with regards to registration: at least one Democrat, several unenrolled (e.g., Independents, including myself), and the rest Republicans. In fact, including myself, a number of us have been official NH GOP delegates and Committee members in the past. Thus, we have an interest in this race. What happens in the NH GOP has an impact on the State and, of course, can determine what we blog about.

BTW – Years ago, just for the heck of it, I tossed my hat into the ring to run against Duprey for that same Committeeman slot.  I did no campaign emails, didn’t “make the rounds” of the GOP committees to let people know I was running, didn’t call anyone, and didn’t even put it up on GraniteGrok.  I told NO one that I had done so. I even wore a suit to the Convention – without a GraniteGrok hat or shirt on, VERY few people recognized me (Note to self – have to remember that as it might come in handy again some day).  In fact, most STILL didn’t recognize me as I walked onto the stage until I announced who I was and that I ran GraniteGrok. That evoked more than a few “oohs” as the lights turned on.

Without further belaying this post, I won one third of the vote just coming out of the stands. A complete unknown with no campaign made a dent in the vote against a former NH GOP Chair and the then incumbent Committeeman. I often wonder what might have happened if I had actually taken it seriously…

So anyways, Mike Biundo and company, Steve Duprey – up for a conversation with the GraniteGrok writers?